LittleBigPlanet Interview- Sales, MGS, and possible first person view

Guildford, the historical Surrey town located just southwest of London, can rightly call itself the UK capital of videogames. Dominating the town centre is EA's newly built towers, a colossal structure that spearheads the company's European operations and features its own gift shop. Then there's Lionhead, it's studio set in the more leafy outskirts of the town and from where Peter Molyneux lays out his own blueprint for the future of gaming.

Nearer the town's train station, there's a much smaller office, but one that can match either for the impact it's had this year. Formed by a number of ex-Lionhead employees, Media Molecule works its magic above a bathroom shop in an industrial park. The reception is illuminated by a string of fairy lights spelling out 'hello', an aging and magisterial large oak table where the team meet taking up much of the space. It's from here that LittleBigPlanet took shape, the small team that's kept its numbers below thirty masterminded the definitive PlayStation 3 game of the year.

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Time Lord3585d ago

It appears we haven't lost him after all; having toyed with the camera in the debug mode of LittleBigPlanet, Alex gives us a taste of first person LittleBigPlanet, and it looks amazing.

Alex Evans: There's no reason why features like this could never make it.

The next few minutes are spent playing through part of a level from this new perspective; and a few others as well, as we're witness to a Gears of War style third person view. Though the 2.5D levels of LittleBIgPlanet understandably mean a first person mode is, for now, something of an eccentric proposition, it goes to show the versatility of the engine, and indeed the team at Media Molecule.


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Can't belive this! Games Blow spoke about this ages ago, back then i was like WTF is he talking about?

CViper3585d ago

Too Pawned = Gamesblow.

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Time Lord3585d ago

IGN: The critics love it, but initial sales of LittleBigPlanet were slow. Do you think the public at large get it?

Alex Evans: I'm really happy with the sales, because I know how few games turn a profit so quickly. It's a double edged sword. I think a lot of the disappointment comes from hard times and the recession, and then the fact that there was so many insanely big games that came out at once. There's all these different reasons that you could be disappointed with the sales and look at it that way, or you can say we kept pace with the Fallouts etc. Every other game that we were keeping pace with was a third or fourth iteration, and this is our first one.

Kareem Ettouney: It's a new IP, new company and new business model, so reaching the critic was always foremost. We really are very pleased with the perception and the numbers, and this game was always seen as something that would grow.

David Smith: With a typical blockbuster model, a game comes out and everyone either buys it or doesn't within the first couple of weeks, and then it goes off the radar. But we're looking to continually improve the product, such as with the Metal Gear Solid pack. Every few months, and hopefully more often, this thing improves so it stays visible and people stay excited.

poindat3585d ago

Heh, so much for it flopping.

NO_PUDding3585d ago

Heh, it rightfully can be the capital of gaming.

Especially when you bear in mind that it even has a famous bearded lady. That's not even a euphimism.

She should gain infamousity worldwide.

Anyway, Guildford is awesome, and you see where Fable 2 gets it's architectural inspiraton from.

SeanScythe3585d ago

This game is just getting started, I bet when they release the killzone maps and characters is when the FP view is released. It would be awesome to have more then 4 online in FPS and making your own levels. sort of like Farcry2 but with LBP would be awesome!

Orange3585d ago

Great interview. Glad their happy with the sales...they deserve to have a success.

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