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Blending the tactics RPG with a unique real-time twist, The DioField Chronicle has compelling gameplay, but is undercut by a bland story.

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CrimsonWing69251d ago

I wouldn't call the story bland. It's just not told very well.

If you make it halfway though the game you start seeing some crazy twists leading up to the ending.

jznrpg251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Most reviewers don’t finish games they review so it’s hard to listen to their opinion .

Days Gone was super slow for the first 10 hours and if they reviewed only that part it wouldn’t get a good score .
But if they played the entire game the game really opens up after around that 10 hour mark and it’s where the game begins to really shine .
They should have to show their playtime and where they left off in reviews .

coolbeans251d ago

Do you have any evidence to substantiate your claims? Just saying "they didn't have the same opinions as me about the story" doesn't count. Most of them list how many hours they put into it (including the critical ones).