E3 2023 dates announced

E3 2023 was previously said to be returning for 2023 after skipping its annual show this year, and the final dates have now been announced.

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Abracadabra61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Good for them. I like E3.
It's much better then those lame online gaming conferences we are getting nowadays...

solideagle61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

both have it's advantages. one costs more for company than other but I think hype is still generated through online events (in my humble opinion).

_SilverHawk_61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

This announcement is amazing for Xbox because people have been waiting for an amazing show for Xbox at e3.

Brazz61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Indeed, waiting for E3 is something deeply connected to Xbox and the endless wait for games. Looks shocking, but soon Xbox "waiting for E3" might be over end games may actually exist !!

strifeblade61d ago

I don't care how much it costs. No e3 killing the industry. Fat less exciting than these random short useless conferences

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CrimsonWing6961d ago

E3 is not the spectacle it once was. It’s literally on par with the VGAs now.

ClayRules201261d ago

Yeah, the VGAs aren’t all that.

Eonjay61d ago

For most non press individuals (99.9% of us), E3 has always been online presentations

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ROCKY2861d ago

will never be the same as "1999-2008" - but at least they are trying...

ClayRules201261d ago

Yes, those years were AMAZING and unforgettable… Can’t forget that 2005 KZ2 trailer 😅

I’ll add, 2009’s E3 left me in disbelief, because of Uncharted 2’s building collapse demo🤯those Naughty Dogs, giving us a glimpse that they weren’t messing around with that sequel haha!

Ashunderfire8661d ago

And that epic orchestra at the beginning of Sony E3 2016 conference, only to surprisingly reveal God of War for Norse Mythology Wow 😯 the crowd went bananas!!!! I miss that excitement you can only get on stage!!!! It’s never the same online never!!!

VenomUK61d ago

I would LOVE a return to traditional full fat E3 week.

ClayRules201261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yes!!! That moment back in 2016 for God of War…goodness, it was spine tingling and mind blowing, having that live orchestra start up the reveal to God of War’s return/reveal (as you mentioned) I know we’ll never forget it haha!

And I won’t lie, those live stage demos at E3, there’s something special about them, there really is, no question, that the online State of Play doesn’t offer. However, I still love the demos they’ve shown off on those shows before (like HFW and Spider-Man MM) both amazed me.

Uncharted 4’s E3 demo “Sam pursuit” with the gameplay of Nate and Sully walking through the crowd of people, seeing the silky smooth animations for both characters, the stunning graphics on display, than to see the firefight brake out right in the town market, nuts! Than the jump from the building into the jeep which leads to that EPIC downhill chase, as Sully and Nate banter as usual lol, with classic lines of dialogue play out between the two, chickens cluck as you tear into the fields near a farm house, and than attach your hook onto the back of a truck to hold on for your life…

Sony and their first party studios have really brought it with their live demos at the stage for E3, love that! But man, even years before those we mentioned, were just so classic and special. But yes, these were as well.

Oh, can’t forget Last of Us E3 2012’s demo haha.

darthv7261d ago

The E3 2006 teaser trailer for Halo 3 is still my favorite to this day. Big reveals just have more impact when you see them done at these events. The crowd reactions just add to the weight of a strong reveal.

ClayRules201261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I remember that teaser trailer…”This is the way the world ends…” Halo 3. The music, MasterChief, the view/ships in the sky, all added to it.

I don’t disagree, the crowd, the reactions from them, like when The Last Guardian was finally being shown (with a release as well) for PS4) man, that was such a beautiful moment for gamers who’d waited on PS3 and than it didn’t arrive, only to see it was alive and well and coming to us later that year.

Plus, when people have recorded at E3, and you get neat videos updated to YT of theater reactions and you just sense it all the more, the love, electricity and passion for everyone in the theaters, screaming for joy over their fav games, it’s special. I hear you and Ashunderfire. I personally prefer State of Play, with how they’ve been done overall. Butt again, I don’t disagree.

Ashunderfire8659d ago

I absolutely agree miss those moments of E3 live. An I am glad I went to E3 3 times! Went to the event every other year, with my game design classmates, and my teacher who was an Indy developer! I had a really good time playing those games like it was an Arcade stadium! A lot of YouTube influencers, game developers, and people in the movie industry was there. Even Kanye West 😂 was playing Mad Max yup he is a gamer despite being a controversial dude. I saw Mini Me before the actor sadly passed away. A lot of this stars were gamers. I took pictures with Nolan North voice actor Nathan Drake Uncharted, and had a good conversation with Troy Baker about Infamous Second Son an talking about his mocapp work for the game. I truly wish I saw Shigeru Myiamoto for Nintendo booth, but that was way too overcrowded wow 😯 Saw Reggie walk pass though he is tall asf though!

An for the haters that disagree don’t understand how great it is to see E3 live compared to the generic online space.

moriarty188961d ago

About bloody time. Good to see a proper E3 back.

Serg9461d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Id like to see the big players back at E3, there was something so fun about waiting to see the big reveals every year.

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