Cyberpunk 2077 Hasn't Earned Its Redemption Arc

TheGamer Writes "Cyberpunk 2077 is back at the top of Steam charts, but the game still hasn't fixed its biggest issues."

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Rocosaurus63d ago

I sure had a lot fun with it. Hoping for a sequel.

got_dam63d ago

I had fun as well. Wasn't what was promised, sure. But I still had a lot of fun. I do really hope cdpr learned a lesson from this.

blackblades62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Wish i gotten it for $5 at bestbuy that one day. Sold out in a heart beat because of that $5 deal. Be awhile before I get this game.

Hikoran62d ago

Because you don't want to pay more then $5? Wow.

raWfodog61d ago

I have not played it yet and I’m holding off until I get my PS5. Looking forward to visiting Night City.

Dirty_Lemons63d ago

Eh at this point those who enjoy it, enjoy it. Those who don't, don't. I enjoyed the vanilla version using backwards compatibility, and I've had a blast on the next gen one too.

It's still shocking the state in which it was released, and maybe for PS4/ Xbox One gamers it still is, but at this point these articles are just easy click bait for a mug like me.

DragonWarrior1963d ago

Yeah, continuing to forgive developers for releasing completely unfinished games, lying about the game/development/marketing, and allowing them to continue to proceed without any penalty will only allow them to do this in the future. They released Witcher 3 in a terrible state, we forgave them. They completely botched Cyberpunk (and it's still not even completely finished, still massive game breaking bugs, but sure let's completely forgive them. I'm sure nothing will go wrong with Witch 4 whatsoever.

anast63d ago

Do you play only indie games from honest devs and publishers? If so, you are a saint.

got_dam63d ago

I would say stock prices crumbling 75% is not them getting away with it. The company took an unbelievably massive financial hit from this.

JEECE63d ago

It's baffling how many people don't understand this. People say "well it sold millions so they are laughing all the way to the bank." No they aren't. If you own stock or are partially compensated through stock, you absolutely felt pain.

PapaBop62d ago

Beat me to the punch. CDPR aren't EA, Activision or Ubi, they can't afford to release half baked products, they will learn their lesson simply because they have to.

Crows9063d ago

There were penalties. What world did you live in during the refunds and loss of stock value?

DragonWarrior1963d ago

But everyone coming out now pretending like nothing is wrong and CDPR did nothing wrong is revisionist history. Like the article says, it hasn't earn it. It never will and nor it shouldn't. Stop being a corperate boot licker.

Crows9063d ago

The game was buggy. That's all it was. Everything else in the game was more than good enough.
People that followed the hype like puppies for a treat will mention that it wasn't what was promised but that didn't affect me at all. Game was perfectly playable when I got my hands on it and the story was amazing.

Bathyj63d ago

Some us don't need to hold their feet to the fire anymore. That's been flogged to death. They've paid plenty with bad press, loss of sales and ill will.

Some us are just interested if the game today in its current state is worth playing.

got_dam63d ago

Agreed. Nobody will forget what happened. Have have not seen anyone excuse CDPR for the fuck up. Most things have said the game is worth playing with some qualifier like "now" or "finally" and definitely do not fail to mention the catastrophe that was the release. Personally, even though I enjoy cyberpunk, it will take a few releases with no fuckery attached for me to actually trust CDPR again. They are a grain of salt company like Ubi or EA now.

Bathyj63d ago

So do you think it's worth it now? It's cheap to buy on PS4 now and I think you get a free upgrade to PS5. Now might be the jump in.

CBaoth63d ago

yes Bathyj I paid $5 for it. Free upgrade. They're doing an actual current gen patch as well now that old gen is done. Well worth it at that price. Expansion incoming. Knowing CDR it will be much better than base game too

DarthZoolu62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Stop buying games at release! This is the easiest thing in the world to fix. I bought Cyberpunk for $10 after watching a digital foundry video saying that it ran pretty OK on the series X. It doesn’t matter if these gaming companies lie because you can easily wait a few days and find out the truth!

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Outlawzz63d ago

It's been on sale on steam for half off. I'm waiting for 60 or 70 percent off tbh lol

Indo63d ago

I remember it being $10 on PSN at one point lol.

Snakeeater2562d ago

Well it was free for everyone when it lunched so … ? Why did you wait so long haha

generic-user-name63d ago

The only way I'm buying Cyberpunk is if they add PSVR2 support.

SullysCigar63d ago

There's a game coming up called Low-Fi with a cool cyberpunk aesthetic.

generic-user-name63d ago

I've my eye on that one but it's a much smaller scale title.

ChiefofLoliPolice63d ago

I hope you got a PC then. There is a amazing VR mod for CP2077. Console I doubt it. Then again hell CDPR just might do it on PSVR2.

generic-user-name62d ago

I'm hoping to get a PC powerful enough to do high quality VR in the near future but until then I'll be relying on PSVR2. Although even with PC, official support is always going to beat a mod, RE8 VR previews state as much anyway.

Snakeeater2562d ago

I think it could be really cool and more interesting than the spin off horizon

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