Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas mod removes police from Bethesda RPG

A Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas mod removes all mention of the police to make the Bethesda and Obsidian RPG series “more comfortable” for players with trauma

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banger88124d ago

LMAO! I'd love to see these "triggered" people try to play GTA. "Oh no! I can't assault someone because I instantly get a 2 star wanted level! Why can't I just go around smacking people without being harassed by the police!? WHY!?!? The cops even bother me in real life for this. Why!?"

shinoff2183123d ago

Ill admit that police and such are definitely a big problem in this country (us) and have caused alot of issues in peoples life but this is kinda dumb. I feel someone wasted their time.

aaronaton123d ago

Please go ahead and name one problem? lol

CantThinkOfAUsername123d ago

Innocents being killed by the hands of the trigger-happy police? Blacks and Hispanics always being guilty-until-proven-innocent? Officers on a power trip? Corruption on top that denies the victims any justice? Criminals being treated like garbage (even for small offences) instead of rehabilitation? The American Justice system is broken. I'm not trying to generalise that all police are bad, but one bad apple spoils the bunch.

A country where police raid the wrong house, wait for someone to answer the door before blasting them definitely has problems.

MadLad123d ago

I don't even know anymore lol

frostypants123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

A lot of people are being taught to actively look for reasons to feel victimized. It's a hot trend. Guarantee that most of the people clamoring for this mod AREN'T the people who have actual trauma. It's for those people who claim trauma for the attention, and for those who made the mod to virtue signal.

MadLad122d ago

Everytime I see something like this I think "there's a proud father out there somewhere".

It's not theirs, but he's out there.

fitofficial123d ago

A post-apocalyptic wasteland isn't triggering but police is a step too far.

The future is stupid.

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