Physical edition of Stray launches at No.3 | UK Boxed Charts

Stray was the highest selling new release of the past week, landing at No.3 in its debut week.

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Nyxus62d ago

Nice! I want to get the physical edition myself at some point.

CobraKai60d ago

Me too. I held off on buying the game at launch

Knushwood Butt61d ago

Well deserved.

Good to see unique, new IPs being successful.

Kurisu61d ago

I'm surprised considering it launched day and date with the new PS+. Nice to see the physical edition charting so high!

Eonjay61d ago

I'm actually not surprised . Getting it free is nice but they had pledged proceeds to cat foundations and causes so there was gonna be a lot of folks buying this regardless.

Einhander197161d ago

But physical is dead !! Lol. It proves it isn't!!

ClayRules201261d ago

Lol, you’re so correct! So glad Stray has been such a big success!

Solitariussaint61d ago

I'm still waiting on my Stray Steelbook edition. Should be worth the wait.

Limitedtimestruggle61d ago

I'm adding this to the collection for sure! Stray was a great experience!

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The story is too old to be commented.