The Best Accidental Side Effect of the GTA 6 Leak

IGN : The unprecedented leak of Grand Theft Auto VI was bad news for pretty much everyone involved but its somehow lead to something REALLY cool: a bunch of game developers are also showing off very early versions of their games, and the results are amazing.

Pyrofire95373d ago

I don't think the leaked video was in any way damaging. The footage is just so early in development that it don't really show much.
I only feel bad that the source code was also leaked.

Abear21372d ago

If someone’s read my writing before I was ready or saw my art before complete I wouldn’t like it. It misrepresents the artists intentions and vision you are striving for not to mention they must feel violated on some level. Any time perceived privacy is ripped away it’s upsetting for those exposed. Just saying.


GTA Online Easter Egg Contains Cryptic Message That Could Be Hinting at GTA6 or Aliens

A GTA Online Easter egg has been spotted in the San Andreas Mercenaries update, revealing a coded message that could be about GTA6 or aliens.


GTA 6 Will Never Make Up For Bully 2's Cancelation

Rockstar has decided to move all of its resources toward the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, and while the next entry in the franchise is highly anticipated, it has come at a cost with other anticipated sequels of its other IPs such as Bully 2 falling by the wayside. Considering Rockstar Games' releases over the years, it's easy to see how its portfolio seems to have shrunk down to only two major franchises: Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

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porkChop236d ago

Bully 2 was cancelled in 2010. It had nothing to do with GTA V or VI.

Tacoboto236d ago

Articles like these exist as a dogwhistle to trigger the anti-woke crowd more than to make an actual point. Their other IP is name-dropped in a single sentence and they briefly go over LA Noire - but no, the highlight is on a never-announced never-confirmed sequel to a one-off that didn't sell more than a few million max (Wikipedia has reference to 1.5 million sales of the original on PS2).

Smuggler's Run - dead. Table Tennis - only ever a premium tech demo. Midnight Club - dead. GTA Single Player - neglected since 2013. Read Dead - can't even get a 60fps patch for current gen despite 50m sales and the online was neglected shortly after release. New IP - forget it. If this article was attempting to be honest in its intent, GTA 6 will never make up for the GaaS-ification of one of the most revered single-player developers in the industry.

... the article also doesn't mention that Rockstar is at least teaming up with the original studio of Max Payne for the remakes of the first two, which considering Rockstar's last decade is pretty significant.

porkChop236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

From what I understand, Rockstar had a lot of projects in development. Max Payne 3, GTA V, GTA IV's expansions, RDR, Agent, etc. It seems like they lost faith in Bully 2 and started moving devs to their other projects. Work continued until some time in 2010, and a playable 8 hour demo/vertical slice was finished. At that point Rockstar decided they didn't want the New England team to continue with it.

It was likely because Bully wasn't a big seller and plans for Bully 2 were really ambitious, so it would have been considerably more expensive than the first game. A world 3 to 4 times the size of the original, but you could enter every single building. A new, realistic glass shattering tech. A karma/honor system. Tree climbing mechanics. A lot of the tech and innovations created for the game ended up being implemented in the other games.

SonyStyled235d ago

And call the sequel Bully? The ll being roman numeral for “Buly 2” lol.
I’d love a sequel to Bully… for almost 20 years now (forget what year it released), but a reimagining would be better over a sequel considering the years passed

specialguest235d ago

No we don't. In this age of wokeness and the political climate, we already know which direction a Bully 2 will swing hard towards

hotnickles236d ago

The newer generations couldn’t handle another bully. Look how toned down GTA is now. Didn’t they remove a bunch of things from the GTA remasters? Rockstar was a champion of outlandish free speech. They are as weak willed as the rest now.

roadkillers236d ago

I do see this, but there’s nothing from the original that needs to be toned down. What do you see in the original Bully that would be unacceptable now?

That game was timeless. Actually very “progressive” imo

stloony236d ago

The mere title of "Bully" alone would be enough for the wokies to think anyone who plays this game is supporting bullying and suicide and who knows what else.

hotnickles236d ago

The entire premise. You are from the time of the original. It’s not offensive to me either lol. I’m not talking about us. Progressive compared to what? 90s ultra Christians?

deathtok236d ago

I’m not telling you to side with or against progressives but it was conservatives that tried to ban Rockstar games—repeatedly.

hotnickles235d ago

I don’t side with either of them, they are both a joke and deserve to be made fun of in true rockstar fashion. The conservatives of the 90s who tried to ban rockstar are largely non-existent these days. At least in any meaningful way. They were thoroughly defeated. That wing became the daily wire types out in left field doing their own thing.

Rockstar was never scared of the conservatives. They didn’t change for conservatives, they took them all the way to the Supreme Court.

Rockstar is terrified of “progressives” if you want to call them that. They wouldn’t mock modern American culture even though it’s never been more needed. If they did it would certainly avoid anything controversial.

Profchaos235d ago

@stloony yup but then again I brought "Canis Canem edit" but bully that name didn't pass the censors in Australia

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sadraiden236d ago

"Outlandish free speech" is a myopic take on what R* does with their games. Sure, that's still the order of the day, but there's a point to the dialogue in the games. They're not just dropping hard n-bombs for the sake of being edgy, they're creating raunchy scripts that generally have some kind of relevant satire in them.

If you think that GTA is toned down now, I would ask what you truly mean by that. In what way is GTAV toned down over Vice City and 3? It wasn't even until San Andreas did they say "fuck" in the games.

hotnickles236d ago

I’m talking about the satire. I loved that rockstars whole mission was to make fun of how dumb American culture can be. They wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole these days. They are terrified, they tow the line like everyone else. I recognize their former brilliance and I’m American. And I also recognize their current cowardice.

Profchaos235d ago

I'm coming to the end of a replay of vc there's plenty of f bombs you don't hire ray liota and not swear.

There was some in 3 but the writing in general feels largely like an afterthought sand that's because it mostly was they didn't even realise that claude didn't speak until the end of development

stloony236d ago

Thank God Trey and Matt are still kicking it.

hotnickles236d ago

Even they have toned down with the times lol

Profchaos235d ago

They removed like 1 joke that aged poorly in today's climate yet the definitive edition changed nothing all the love first missions nothing changed

hotnickles235d ago

Well todays climate is why you can’t have bully 2 or a champion rockstar. Mocking is now hate speech and hate speech is violence.

What you are left with is the sanitary saints row remake. Is that really what the newer generations want? I’m honestly not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised.

FinalFantasyFanatic235d ago

As much as I wish it wasn't true, with today's political climate, I can't see how they could get the green light for Bully 2.

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sadraiden236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

I would argue that the potential for a quality follow up to Bully never existed. The first game, despite not having any of the controversial content that conservatives and concerned parents were clutching their pearls at, was a one off. It was created during the absolute height of Rockstar popularity thanks to creative direction from Dan Houser (remember how utterly amazing R* games were in the mid 00s?). R* has always maintained some degree of cultural relevance while conceptualizing their games.

We were lucky that GTA3 existed, but we were doubly lucky that there was a renaissance of Scarface and 80s nostalgia during that same period that made Vice City an immediate hit despite being released only 1 year later. People clamored for GTA6 for years, without realizing there wasn't a cultural shift big enough since 2013 to necessitate another round of biting social commentary taking the form of a GTA game. The same thing goes for Bully, although any new commentary around the state of bullying is going to be completely in bad taste.

With our current landscape of sextortion crime, child suicide, among other examples of extreme violence, I'm not sure there's a way to creatively have fun with that. You want noogies, wedgies, and spitballs? That's in the first game.