The Best Accidental Side Effect of the GTA 6 Leak

IGN : The unprecedented leak of Grand Theft Auto VI was bad news for pretty much everyone involved but its somehow lead to something REALLY cool: a bunch of game developers are also showing off very early versions of their games, and the results are amazing.

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Pyrofire9562d ago

I don't think the leaked video was in any way damaging. The footage is just so early in development that it don't really show much.
I only feel bad that the source code was also leaked.

Abear2162d ago

If someone’s read my writing before I was ready or saw my art before complete I wouldn’t like it. It misrepresents the artists intentions and vision you are striving for not to mention they must feel violated on some level. Any time perceived privacy is ripped away it’s upsetting for those exposed. Just saying.