20 Years On From Microsoft's Acquisition Of Rare, What's Come Of It All?

Kotaku: “It's been 20 years since British developer Rare was acquired by Microsoft. Join us as we have a look at what those 20 years have brought.”

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SullysCigar64d ago question, this one hurts too much.

BrainSyphoned63d ago

Next: 20 years after the acquisition of Bethesda where is Elder Scrolls 6?

Bathyj64d ago

Pretty sad Rare an industry leader at one point, and the best game they've made in 20 years is Viva pinata.

Concertoine63d ago

Viva Pinata is actually a really good game, too.

The problem is MS and everyone else thought the best thing to do was make sequels and remakes of existing IP’s, but the studio itself wanted to make new ones. I still maintain if Nuts and Bolts wasnt a Banjo game, it would’ve been a modern classic.

At least Sea of Thieves turned around and became a success.

poppatron63d ago

Totally agree about nuts and bolts. Banjo was never really my thing, but I absolutely loved nuts and bolts

1Victor63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Rare became a shell of itself shortly after the acquisition as all those legendary developers left the company for other studios. No freedom no motivation to create greater new thing 🤷🏿

Wait I thought killer instinct was made by rare and they didn’t mentioned it on the article 🤦🏿

OtterX63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It really bugs me that they couldn't even be bothered with making a proper Battletoads revival.

They outsourced some indie company that made basically a mobile phone game out of it. They butchered the artstyle, nerfed the Dark Queen. Gameplay-wise it's okay.. but just okay. This is Battletoads, and deserved better.

Lightning7763d ago

That's Rares fault. They're the ones who didn't want to work on their old games and outsource Battle Toads. They're also the ones who actually WANTED to work on Kinect games. They sabotaged themselves.

jznrpg63d ago

The game looks horrible I hate the art style. They basically took a bunch of mini games and tried to make into one singular game and it just makes no sense .