Silent Hill: The Short Message rated in Korea

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has rated the unannounced "Silent Hill: The Short Message." Platforms were not specified.

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porkChop64d ago

Sounds like a mobile game title. We'll see though.

RaidenBlack64d ago

had my hopes up for a second ...

RaidenBlack63d ago

One leaked image got posted online today, appears to show a messaging feature, which could be related to ‘The Short Message’ rating.

porkChop63d ago

Hmm. I don't see/understand the point or benefit of an in-game sms system. I'd rather those lines be voiced on like a walkie talkie or something. Maybe I'm wrong and it's actually genius though, who knows.

SullysCigar64d ago


I'm thinking maybe PSVR2. Timing would be right, at least.

CrimsonWing6963d ago

I’m getting annoyed now. So many rumors and never any follow-up.

Flawlessmic63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It's coming guys, there is way to much smoke to not be a fire!!!

Korean rating stuff. Silent Hill: The Short Message is categorized under CC-NV, which is for Home Video Console. For two comparisons, CC-NP is PC, & CC-NM is Mobile Game.

Watch this drop at Sony's showcase in a few weeks, guaranteed!!!

Orchard63d ago

Not sure what to expect/make of this... it's probably not Kojima, and I'm not sure I trust Konami to give this to a good studio - we haven't had a good SH game since the PS2.

I'll wait and see what comes out I guess. It's weird that they didn't just show this at their TGS presentation if it's this close to being shown.