Resident Evil Games That Still Deserve A Remake More Than RE4

There are plenty of Resident Evil games ripe with remake potential that Capcom is seemingly leaving on the table by choosing to focus on RE4.

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CrimsonWing6964d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I will never understand why Code Veronica has not received a Remake (Darkside Chronicles doesn’t count). Hot take here, but it’s my favorite of the games. First game where Wesker became a bamf and I always liked the music and enemy/boss variety.

InklingGirl64d ago

Code Veronica deserved to be next in line for a remake, why people still after all these years and different platforms feel they need a RE4 remake is beyond me.

Shinox64d ago

its not the people, its Capcom's greedy ass that have no appreciation for their past or their classics
the demand was high for CVX Remake even Capcom knows it

Army_of_Darkness64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It's all about the sales and popularity bro! That's what Capcom and any other company for that matter, is going by for potential remakes.

I'd love a shadows of the damned remake, but that's never gonna happen.

Stonilein64d ago

this game is hard as hell but i love it

Superlink52064d ago

Every where I go I see how CV needs a remake and I agree. That story is so integral to the franchise and just overall is a phenomenal game but for some reason Capcom treats it like an ugly red headed step child lol

VersusDMC64d ago

The story is integral to the old RE story line. Not to the remake storyline.

There has been no wesker appearances in the new remakes.

I think they should tease wesker in RE4 remake, have him be a more present villain in CV remake, then kill him off in RE5 remake.

pietro121264d ago

To be fair Wesker was never in those RE titles to begin with anyways.

TheColbertinator64d ago

Code Veronica would bring in some serious cash for Capcom.

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