15 Years On, Halo 3 Was The First "Modern" Online Game

Bungie's Halo 3 was a crown jewel in the Xbox 360's library, but 15 years on, it should be celebrated as an online gaming trailblazer.

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MadLad64d ago

I feel like that started with 2.
At least in the console space.

Necr0philiac64d ago

Halo 2 was the one that blew up online console FPS. Being able to start a clan that had it own friends list that was separate from your real friends list was nice. But i think Rainbow 6 and Full Spectrum Warrior got the ball rolling first.

TheGreatGazoo3064d ago

Agree. Halo 2 was the first modern console shooter. The concept of forming a party and going from game to game together is expected now but groundbreaking when Halo 2 did it.

monkey60264d ago

Gears of War and Resistance Fall of Man predate Halo 3 so that headline rings hollow to me

Welshy64d ago

100% this, those 2 were game changers for me. There were a few online games that came close to what we know as modern online games now, but Gears and Resistance were the 2 I'd consider to be the OG's. Lots of hours lost to those back in the day.

Motorstorm probably deserves a shout out too, I don't think there were many proper online racing games around that time.

monkey60264d ago

I played so much Motorstorm in the PS3 days. The soundtrack still occupies my brain space.

SonyStyled64d ago

Resistance FoM was my first console game online. I played 7800 matches around the time Resistance 2 came out

TheColbertinator64d ago

Both were solid online games.

Gears of War was super intense when the maps were tiny and only 8 players were allowed.

Resistance was one of the few Playstation games that had clan support which I remember joining for some of those legendary 40 player battles back in the day.

AuraAbjure64d ago

Gears of War was amazing. But Halo 3 had Forge and Theater mode, and community-inspired maps implemented into matchmaking.

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DefenderOfDoom264d ago

Funny thing is, my 1st great memory of HALO 3 was playing couch co-op thru the whole campaign over 2 nights over my friends house, because he had 36O and I didn't. Good times 😊

DefenderOfDoom264d ago

For me and my friends our 1st online game that we played on console a lot was SOCOM for the PS2 .

isarai64d ago

No it wasn't, hell even Halo 2 had all the same modern online features, but PC games even predate that by a mile. Wasnt even the first in that generation

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