Here Are the First-Person Shooter Games With the Best Storylines

Here have been many great single-player first-person shooter storylines in gaming, here's the best of the bunch you need to play and experience.

Sciurus_vulgaris435d ago

My list would include:
1. Bioshock
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
3. Far Cry 3
4. Halo 4
5. Wolfenstein: The New Order

AuraAbjure434d ago

Halo 4 campaign always gives me chills! It was truly legendary!

LordoftheCritics434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

Personal List

1. HL2, ep1,ep2
2. Bioshock 1,Inf
3. MW2
4. Titanfall 2
5. Metro 2033
6. Far Cry 3
7. Borderlands 2
8. Halo 3
9. Mirrors Edge (more world building than story)
10. F.E.A.R
11. Bulletstorm

Extra special mention if 3rd person was allowed.
Spec Ops: The Line

RaidenBlack434d ago

Half Life 2 + episodes
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
F.E.A.R. 1 & Extraction Point
Titanfall 2
Bioshock Trio
Halo 3 + Reach
Wolfenstein New Order & Old Blood
Killzone 2&3
Metro Trio

Honorable mentions:
CoD4, MW2, BO1, Infinite Warfare, MW'19 (short & enjoyable campaigns)
Quake 1, Doom'16 & Eternal (not story but purely on gameplay)
Dishonored series & OG Thief (not strictly shooters but great first person stealth games)
Fallout 3 & NV as well as Deus Ex 1 + HR + MD (if first person RPGs with guns are allowed)
STALKER (becoz cheeki breeki)

We need a resurgence of good story driven linear first person shooters.
Not open world quest fests or live service shooters.

banger88435d ago

The Darkness had a good story. It's a shame the sequel ended on a cliffhanger as we never got a third game.

Yui_Suzumiya434d ago

I'm still holding out hope we get another along with another Condemned game

AuraAbjure434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

I wouldn't hold your breath for another Condemned game because they won't even make Condemned 2: Bloodshot backwards compatible. I've been asking for so long that they make it back compat to no avail.

I swear I fina buy an old 360 from somebody just to beat Bloodshot. Hopefully soon now that I got a new job.

Fearmonkey433d ago

Condemned needs a reboot/remake and ignore the plot of the 2nd game, the first game was so much better.

Relientk77435d ago

Came here looking for BioShock and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Also, I am really looking forward to Atomic Heart next year. It looks amazing, and maybe we'll see that game on future lists like this if it turns out as good as it looks.

Orchard435d ago

Black Ops should be on that list. The story is better than MW2 in my opinion.

Nitrowolf2434d ago

as much shit as it got, I actually fondly remember Black Ops 3 story a lot. I know it was different, but that's also why I liked it lol

but yeah BO1 is def a memorable one

blackblades434d ago

I think I heard MW tends to be straight forward and BO story tends to be encrypted. Saying this way because i havent played MW the only CoD I played was BO1 and BO3 beause it was free. After playing BO3 I was kinda confused a bit and had to read up on it etc making me think ok not bad.

Orchard433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Definitely. The BO series has way better story lines than MW.

@blackblades Yeah, MW is your typical "America good, everyone bad, shoot and/or blow everything up" story. BO games typically have more depth to the story.

isarai435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

No particular order but the first that come to mind that really stuck with me.
Bioshock 1/infinite
Mirrors edge
Cold winter
Resistance series
Chronicles of Riddick
Halo 1-3
Fear 1 and 2
Half life 2(& episodes)

blackblades434d ago

Everyone agrees, bioshock is #1, ? on mirrors edge its one of my favs but can we really call that a 1st shooter when its more parkor. I never took a gun and killed honestly

Fist4achin434d ago

Resistance was great, but 3 stuck out the most for me.

Chevalier434d ago

Loved all the Resistance games! If they don't return to the series I really hope we get a Remake or Remaster collection of the games.

Army_of_Darkness434d ago

Oh man, imagine a remake of resistance 3! That would be amazing! And probably scary as f#*k for certain levels 🤣