Is the Price of Games Dropping? writes:

"When Lionhead and Microsoft slashed the price of Fable 2 only weeks after its release, journalists rushed to Peter Molyneux for his reaction (which was basically, "meh"). Activision Blizzard have recently knocked $10 off of the price of Call of Duty World at War, another AAA title that was expected to be a strong seller this holiday. These discounts are bringing games more in line with what we were used to paying for them last generation, before things got totally out of hand. Fable 2 now sells for $29.99 and World at War goes for $49.99."

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clinker3586d ago

Yes, and it better stay that way. I was pissed when game publishers announced that "next gen" games would be $10 more expensive just because of HD graphics or whatever. To pay $69 for a new game is too much, when I can just wait and get it used later for much less.

outlawlife3586d ago

they always start dropping around 3 years into the life cycle so this isn't anything out of the ordinary

honestly there isn't any reason for a $60 game to begin with some developers just use it as a standard but the fact is hardly any of the games we see are worth $60

lets take mirrors edge for instance, $60 for a 5 hour single player game explain to me how that works?

LostChild3586d ago

why pay 60dollars for a game that needs to be constantly patched...starting from the day of release at that.

$40-$50 dollars should be the standard for next-gen games, since they are most likely to charge for downloadable content anyway, for $10bucks more. Orange Box is the only game that is worth 60bucks and that's only because of what is included.

truehunter3586d ago

PS2 game is also cheap by 10. Every game coming out for PS2 is ether 29.99 or 39.99. If it was cheap back then from the start they woulda sold alot more games but the ratio shouldnt b off.