Top 10 Reasons The Video Game Industry Is In Trouble

DaveDaGamer from TrueGameHeadz writes:

"Yes I will do it! I'm the bearer of doom and gloom. Someone has to do it. While most publications are rife with BEST this and that about the industry, few are looking at what ails it. I intend to rectify this with my list and hopes for the fixes of my favorite hobby. Without further ado…

10. Sequelitis

Yes, the industry has gotten sick with it. Following Hollywood tit for tat video games, for the most part, have become wholly un-original. Before you come stampeding my way with torches, let me explain. I don't mean original as in a new genre or way to play a game (ducking Wii-motes). I mean original as in a new IP (Intellectual Property). What happened to getting excited over new characters? All of the gaming icons we know were once new. Instead of creating new characters, we get the same ones for the fifth, sixth, and eleventh installments. I subscribe to the financial reasoning of betting on a name that people know, but it also smacks in the face of how that character became popular in the first place. No! I don't want to play as Dante anymore, at least not for a while. I'm tired of hopping around with Mario, can I get a new character? Everyone talks about how this year was so great for gaming, but virtually every game on the Best Sellers list is a sequel - GTAIV, MGS:4, DMC 4, GHWT, Rock Band 2, GOW2, Res: 2, Mario Kart, etc etc (You know these titles so well I can abbreviate them) How about a year without any sequels and totally new IP? Wouldn't that be refreshing…

9. Too Many Sku's

Sweet Jeebus. I know the consumer likes choice but this is going way over the top. I'll give it to the Nintendo peeps. They've stuck the course for a pretty long time now. 1 Price, 1 System. (But we all know the skittles colors are coming. When? I'll tell you right now. When the system starts to loose steam. "Introducing the Wii in your favorite color to match your carpet, wall, or rainbow brite shoes!" Mark my words, but I digress…) We've had to deal with multiple sku's this gen more so than any other time in history. If I was a clueless parent walking into a store I know what I would do. GET THE CHEAPEST ONE. Guess which one that happens to be? (until recently) Yup the Nintendo Wii. I just single handedly explained the phenomenon. Will little Timmy and Sam be happy with their Wii? You bet ya. Until they go to Justin's house and see Resistance 2, or Mark's house and see Gears 2. Then Timmy isn't so happy and asks why didn't he get a PS3 or XBOX360. The sole answer was Microsoft and Sony confused the hell outta his parents. Good thing we've past the days where you didn't know whether the one you bought had HDMI, a hard drive, or was wireless..."

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