The Last of Us 3: What We Hope To See In The Next Sequel

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part 3 will probably be the final chapter in Ellie and Joel's epic story. Here's what we hope to see.

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ED-E65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

After she lost everything she loved in TLOU2, I would like to see a healing process for her in TLOU3. I would like to see Ellie grudgingly taking care of a pupil and warming up to it (mirroring Joel). In the end become the source of a vaccine/antidote she was destined for since the beginning, like to save said pupil in exchange for her life.

Also I don't care if people come and say "bUt YoU cAn'T mAkE A vAcCiNe AgAiNsT sPoReS!!!1111", it's a post-apocalyptic science fiction videogame, not a scientific thesis.

Lightning Mr Bubbles65d ago

I agree, I mean what else can be left? How it happens exactly remains to be seen but I'm pretty It's all coming down to whether Ellie dies or doesn't die. It would make sense if she has a reason to live, making her decision that much harder.

robtion65d ago

I have honestly lost interest in the franchise thanks to the direction of the sequel. Not my cup of tea at all. I'll stick to the original and just continue to pretend it was a one and done game.

goldwyncq65d ago

I think Ellie sacrificing herself for a vaccine at the end would not only invalidate the first game's ending, but a huge part of TLOU 2 as well. Ellie's character arc deals with her learning that she doesn't have to be stuck with survivor's guilt forever, that her own life matters more than just being sacrificed to save mankind. Once she understood Joel's actions at the end of Part 2, she was finally able to let go of revenge and start anew.

If the next part ends with her sacrificing her life for a vaccine then the entirety of her character arc in the series would've been rendered meaningless.

ED-E65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

TLOU 1 ending was not her decision, Joel quite literally called the shots there against her wishes. Joel never worked through his trauma of loosing Sara, which highly influenced his decision when Ellie starts to grow on him and is about to die (see Joel reactions to Ellie in the final act of Tess vs. Joel reaction in the final act of the game).

In TLOU 2 Ellie made it very clear in that she will never forgive him for that, but since she loves him she wants to try. It's an emancipation process from Joel in many ways. Joel still tried to make decisions for her behind her back, and he still was on her mind during her violent revenge she had to break out from.

Druckmann once said in an interview in terms of TLOU1 how far will go for love and for TLOU2 how far will you go to bring justice for those you love. So selfishness was not the message of the games, it was the cause.

goldwyncq64d ago

@ ED-E

The entire series is about love. Ellie being saved by Joel was first and foremost an act of love. It might seem selfish if you're looking at it from the perspective of the greater good, but the games have always been about Joel and Ellie, not saving the world. Ellie exists more than just to provide a cure for the world, and that's something she had realized and made peace with by the end of the second game, giving her the strength to abandon revenge and start life anew again, just like what Joel wanted for her. She's not going to throw all of that away just because of a savior complex she already grew out of.

"If somehow the Lord gave me a second chance at that moment... I would do it all over again."

Tetsujin65d ago

I want to see Ellie and Abby in a relationship for research purposes only.

Really though with how 2 played and ended I'd like to see a different story with different people.

CaptainHenry91665d ago

I would like to see this franchise end. Tbh it should have never been a sequel to begin with

F0XH0UND92264d ago

One of the highest rated games is all time. So glad a sequel was made.

EvertonFC65d ago

That sounds a great idea for a story, no doubt Ellie will die at the end

F0XH0UND92264d ago

"No doubt"

You writing the story or what?

SullysCigar65d ago

I'm just hoping for more best-in-class storytelling and gameplay, really. These guys are masters at their craft, so I've no doubt they'll bring some awesome new characters and ramp up the emotions all over again.

Actually, a PSVR2 option would be nice too. Clickers in VR... 'O'

EvertonFC63d ago

I'm hoping there is a VR component for all 1st party games moving fwd

_Decadent_Descent64d ago

Too predictable and cookie-cutter makes for a boring story.

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-Foxtrot65d ago

New location

Possibly the UK

No relation to Abby, Lev or Ellie

Lightning Mr Bubbles65d ago

You're crazy... Abby and Lev yeah. But Ellie? She's is The Last of Us. If you're going to remove her, then why even bother making the game.

ClayRules201265d ago

I’d love to see Abby and Lev again, but if they aren’t in Part 3, I won’t be disappointed either, I loved the time with them that we were given. Ellie on the other hand, yes, I agree, She’s The Last of Us (at least as of now) I can’t imagine them doing a Part 3 and coming up with some random new character to try and bring in fans of the game for the 3rd game, that’d be rather ridiculous. I want to know what happened with Dina, the baby, Tommy, what Ellie decided to do with herself etc.

Lightning Mr Bubbles65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


My point isn't so much about Abby or Lev. Though I can see Abby being in it since she's probably working with the fireflies now. Remember her dad was a doctor for the fireflies and she was on her way to regroup with them before she was ambushed. I just hope her role in the game is small.

My real point is that Ellie "is" The Last of Us... Without her there's no point in making the game. That's why I think Foxtrot's opinion here is pretty crazy.

ClayRules201265d ago

Yeah, I do get remember that, now that you mention it, and that makes total sense. I hope her role is smaller in the 3rd game (if she’s in fact in it) and Ellie takes center focus.

Ellie can’t get infected, as we know, but she’s also important to Tommy, Dina, the baby, and just others. I want to know where she’ll fit in in the world, her purpose and place for the 3rd game, what that’ll focus on, I’m intrigued to know. Without her, you don’t have a story to tell.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen65d ago

I would like to see Abby and Lev. Abby was such a badass to control and I would love to see what direction their lives take. Perhaps Naughty Dog could include Ellie in Jackson as the area gets over run with infected?

CrimsonWing6965d ago

I actually found Abby’s part of the story way more interesting than Ellie’s straight revenge plot.

Lore65d ago

Joel was the Last of Us

ClayRules201265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

What a difference name…that picture of Ronald too, goodness lol. It gave me a much needed laugh haha.

But yeah, I would like to see Abby and Lev again, great characters. But I wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t again. I do wonder where they’ve gone, what’s happened to them since Ellie spared Abby tho.

And I couldn’t agree more, Abby was badass to control, powerful, quick, regardless of her size, and her moves felt brutal, unforgiving, and oh so satisfying with each encounter. Did you prefer controlling her or Ellie, in terms of just the general combat overall?

outsider162465d ago

I'd like to see abby atleast helping out Ellie in time of need, she owes her that atleast. Maybe fight together against a common enemy. Maybe even sacrifice her life for Ellie (sounds cliche i know)

-Foxtrot64d ago

She was the Last of Us, they both were and NaughtyDog decided to just ruin her in Part II

She was immune, a great story to explore but they just pushed it aside like was nothing and left her with nothing in the end

Another “ReVeNgE iS bAd” ending where she lets it go despite everyone she killed getting to her

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


I preferred playing the Abby segments. Her story really shows how some people tried to work together to rebuild civilization. If they had a better leader they probably could have with all that military training at their disposal. Abby's combat fits the moment and is really, really immersive. She knows she's a badass and she also knows she's not invincible and it comes across in her actions and the story.

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VerminSC65d ago

I think he’s trolling. He’s been pretty outspoken about how much he disliked tlou2

F0XH0UND92264d ago

He has a vendetta over the tlou2. I can recall dozens, possibly hundreds, of comments from him whining about how much he hated the game.

-Foxtrot64d ago


How the f*** is that trolling 😂

I just want new characters and a new location

What the hell is wrong with that

Jesus this site man, honestly

Yeah I disliked 2 but adore the original, so the third game is a fresh start to get the fans back who were put off after Part II

VerminSC65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Neil has said without Joel or Ellie there is no TLOU. Now that Joel is gone TLOU IS ELLIE

It has always been about those two. The rest is just a setting

ClayRules201265d ago

Oh ok, that makes sense. I remember he’s replied to me before about The Last of Us Part 2 in the past, and I’ve seen him express his dislike on here in different articles.

But yeah, TLoU is Joel and Ellie’s story, and now Ellie’s taken it, and I can’t imagine anyone doing it, although a prequel with Joel and Tommy I’d personally love, in some way, that way you still play Joel, before the outbreak, younger, with Marlene, how her relationship with Tommy was, Joel’s friendship with Bill, just more of good ole Bill haha.

-Foxtrot64d ago


Yeah he said that and it was bullshit

Remember the 7 years before Part II

“We love these characters”

“Part II is a Joel and Ellie story”

“They are the Last of Us”

“We are going to respect these characters”

And the second games story was basically everything against what he said

People expected Joel to die but like in the first 10 minutes in the most stupidest and out of character way. Then makes you play an unlikable character rather than just Ellie? Yeah really backs Neil up huh.

P_Bomb65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Playing devil’s advocate, but what if it’s still a shared universe, but with an expanded cast? Like Resident Evil, The Walking Dead. Protagonist paths may cross, but they don’t have to.

RedDevils65d ago

Or you could make your own TLOU 3.

Snakeeater2565d ago

That would be perfect tlof part 2 game play with you character and no lgbt agenda would be a dream

F0XH0UND92264d ago

I think I speak for most fans when I say this; hard pass.

-Foxtrot64d ago

The hilarious thing is if they do new characters and a new location you’d eat it the f*** up and it’ll be the best thing ever

So…yeah “hard pass”

I doubt it

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masterfox65d ago

turn Ellie into Elliot, tell a story about he / she whatever is now, in how it doesn't fit now in this world and its very upset cause the clickers doesn't call her / she with its desire pronouns , she-hulk will return for the final encounter but it wont be a fight , instead hulk will telll Elliot stop crying you weirdo and paint you hair purple. Boom! you have TLOU Part 3!

ClayRules201265d ago

Bloody hell, masterfox, no, just NO🤦🏼‍♂️ I read that 2 times, questioning if eyes were deceiving me, indeed, they were not…
Please, let’s let the dogs within ND 🖊 the script etc. you just wait patiently for Part 3, like the rest of us, my friend haha😉

Noxxicity65d ago

Yes. That was awesome lmao.

EvertonFC65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The crazy thing about you're comment is in our mad world it'll probably be Ellie changing to Elliot lol

MrDead64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I found the kids from the America first and Ben Shapiro comment sections, you're so edgy and cool... I wonder how long it'll be before one of you little ones says "woke bad"?

Psychotica64d ago

I wonder how long it will be before you're smart enough to realize you should be saying it too. Now get back to memorizing the communist manifesto and anti-American hate rhetoric.

MrDead64d ago

@ Psycho

Awww, aren't you sensitive precious delicate flower. It's a computer game aimed at an adult audience, you'll understand it one day when you're old enough to wear big boy pants

Export64d ago

I love It , She could identity as a clicker and how they wont let her fit in ! Clicker somehow get Joey back and its Joey vs whatever Neil Drunkmann decides to make Ellie

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Lightning Mr Bubbles65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

By the way, here is a list of my top 10 most anticipated games. This is just my personal list, not saying this is how anyone else should think.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Remake Part 3
2. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth
3. The Last of Us Part III
4. Final Fantasy XVI
5. Stellar Blade
6. The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie
7. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki
8. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II
9. Dead Island 2
10. Persona 6

As much as I'm looking forward to FF7 Rebirth, I have to think that the 3rd part will be even more important since it will be the finale. That's why it's #1 on my list. You can see I have The Last of Us Part 3 third on my list, even though it hasn't been announced, I had already assumed it's happening at some point.

Stellar Blade is at #5, I'm taking a chance there since it's a new IP and unproven but like I've said before, the game has made that big of an impression on me. I'm also talking a huge chance with Dead Island 2, it's because I really like zombies but I was also really hyped for Back 4 Blood and Dying Light 2 and neither of those games were that good. So I hope Dead Island 2 will be different.

What else can I say? I'm a huge fan of The Legend of Heroes, very underrated series in my opinion. And Persona 6 I'm sure is coming eventually. I'm a big JRPG fan obviously.

Gardenia65d ago

I think you got the wrong article.

Lightning Mr Bubbles65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Nah, I couldn't think of a better place to share this than on a Last of Us 3 thread. It's on my list and it's an unannounced game itself, Last of Us 3 hasn't been announced so it's not like we're not all thinking forward.

Plus it's the Last of US 3, my biggest franchise, only the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is ahead of it right now.

I was hoping that by sharing this I would find people will similar interests, since I assume we're Last of Us fans. But oh well...

Dirty_Lemons65d ago

Some great games there! I personally hope there is never a TLoU Part 3, I always hoped the original would stay a one off. Final Fantasy I agree with you though 💯

Snakeeater2564d ago

I guess it’s clear no one want to read about the legend of heroes

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