Playstation VR 2: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida thanks Meta

Meta Quest 2 has brought the VR industry out of its slump. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida thanks Meta for a "great job".

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S2Killinit66d ago

That is classy. I like Shuhei so much.

SpadeX66d ago

Same! He blocked me on Twitter though lol.

SpadeX66d ago

Last thing was a question I asked him about the dualshock 4's touch pad before it got released. I think he got fed up from getting too many questions so he started blocking people, which is understandable I guess.

S2Killinit66d ago

Lol well you sound like someone with thicker skin than most. Haha

S2Killinit66d ago

“I don’t know if you have tried it, but when you try PSVR2 it’s truly a next-gen experience, which we are super excited about.”

Music to my ears.

66d ago
EvertonFC66d ago

I'm day 1 with VR2, but I ain't gonna lie it'll sell 15/20m at best.
It just sadly doesn't have the market yet which imo all comes down to the Devs not having the balls to make games especially the the big 3rd party Devs and pubs.

ApocalypseShadow66d ago

And that's fine if it's $500. And since 15-20 millions is over 5 million of PSVR, that's called growing the market.

It doesn't have to be mass market. Just a great core market product. The product doesn't need casuals to run away like they did Wii and Kinect.

EvertonFC66d ago

Oh I agree fella, it's just the Devs not having the balls is what I was kinda saying. 15/20m will be a improvement but I just don't want the big Devs to not support it is all.

ApocalypseShadow66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Agreed. Some developers will just need coaxing. Because some companies will still sit on the fence. Especially with investors always involved with the big companies. Sony will need to show them how hybrid development can not only work, but potentially benefit their sales to an individual customer. Or, to both flat and VR consumers.

Flat customer gets a great, AA or AAA flat game. VR customer gets a great AA or AAA VR game. If there's multiplayer, both customers are able to play together seamlessly. The VR customer becomes the evangelist as they drool over the mic how great the game is in VR.

Sony would need to show how easy it would be to develop such a title. Or modify an existing title for less dollars but more profit.

We know companies like EA and Ubisoft wouldn't be willing to spend 50-100 million developing a VR title. Sega, Namco, Capcom, etc wouldn't have the funds or risk spending 25-50 million. Not without help. Sony needs to be hands on providing that help.

Good news is that you will see a lot of them anyway. Single and multiplayer VR games. RE8 is a hybrid. No Man's Sky is. GT 7 will be announced and will be a hybrid. NMS and GT 7 has multiplayer. Should be seamless cross play. Some of the announced VR only games will be announced as flat to keep player based up. The lines will be blurred. A game like Demeo can have a flat gamer dungeon master while everyone else is in VR. Or a mix.

Meantime while that's happening, Sony needs to go big with bringing over Alyx, announcing a Spider-Man game everyone wants as they have pulled the Spiderman experiences from the store. Announce another Marvel property or sequel. An Astrobot sequel game that can be played multiplayer like Mario and Luigi. And announce or bring back all the features that are missing for PS VR 2: 3D movie playback, a virtual home to invite others, a virtual chat, a virtual cinema to watch tv or movies with others, virtual concerts with others, etc.

Just hope the world economy holds up to see all this. It's struggling in places.

EvertonFC66d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself fella

Wafflehead166d ago

Half Life Alyx going to console is about as likely as them getting S&box, that is to say very unlikely, or very late.

ThatArtGuy66d ago

It is the seemingly small advantages in VR I notice. Being able to look into a turn on Gran Turismo Sport, or simply being able to look up out of your X-Wing instead having to turn your whole ship around are HUGE advantages.

generic-user-name66d ago


I'll be shocked if it's not on PSVR2 year 1.

Knushwood Butt66d ago

PSVR in GT Sport is such a game changer. It's so hard to go back to flat screen after playing with a wheel, rig, and PSVR, even if it's just doing time attacks.

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Loktai65d ago

That still places it easily at the best selling VR headset of all time so far. Remember the SEGA GENESIS sold like 30 million and it seemed like everyone had them. If you sold 20 million in the USA it means one in every 6 US households - but we are talking about worldwide but still I feel like 20 million would be quite a lot for a VR set. AT THIS POINT in time.

HeliosHex66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Dam need to be quick as lightening when pre orders launch. Even then going to take some luck to beat out those pesky order bots. Sigh...

Eonjay66d ago

The path forward is Sony/PlayStation Direct. It's the most bot-proof out of all options.

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