Kingdom Hearts III Is the Best-selling Game in the Series - & That Might Not Be a Good Thing

Kingdom Hearts III is the series' best-selling game to date, but its success brings with it a new wave of baffled and disappointed fans.

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Lore178d ago

You mean because it was priced at $15 bucks since 4 months after release

Lexreborn2178d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 is the only entry I didn’t play. I don’t even know if I want to play KH without FF characters but I should probably give it a shot.

Lightning Mr Bubbles178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I'm a big JRPG fan and I've never really understood what people like so much about Kingdom Hearts. I want to like it because design wise it reminds me of Final Fantasy, especially some of the characters. But the story just doesn't really do anything for me. You're just visiting all these Disney worlds and solving their issues, I guess.

shinoff2183178d ago

I actually bought the all in one collection. Im liking it so far. Kh2 seems like the areas are smaller then 1 but im liking it. I beat kh1 rechain of memories and im actually playing 2 right now. It might get stale still but ill see whats up. Its not omg this is the sh but its doable theres alot worse out there.

Hotabang178d ago

Thanks for mentioning the areas thing! When I was young I really liked kh1, and then I played the gameboy one and I really liked the card system. When kh2 came out I liked it but not as much as 1, 2 had areas which were a lot smaller and a lot more linear, bosses weren’t as challenging as 1 (maybe due to 1 having some frustrating controls), and the summons in 2 were lame compared to 1. But 2 improved a lot in terms of action and gameplay. After that I played the ds game and hated it so much I couldn’t play any kh game again, it just seemed like they were happy with how they did two and recycled it for the other games.
Oh and why’d they remove the trinity points T_T

Lightning Mr Bubbles178d ago


That's cool, do you understand the story though? Cause I don't really get it it.

FinalFantasyFanatic177d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles,

I don't think anyone is meant to understand it at this point, but there are so many explanation videos on Youtube that help out alot with what's going on.

shinoff2183177d ago

Im understanding the story so far. Playing rechain of memories helps alot. Theres still a few holes which i assume will be answered in one of the smaller games.

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jambola178d ago

I think gameplay and the characters are a big part
But it's understandable if you don't get the story first time around, it is pretty scattered and 80% Disney stuff

I'd you do ever give it a try again, I definitely recommend watching some YouTube videos or something to quickly break down the relevant story parts after

Melankolis178d ago

I might've known how you feel. Crossover/all-stars games rarely caught my attention, the cause of the crossovers is usually deus ex machina and the setting is shallow (just like visiting Disney worlds one by one). So, it's difficult to consider the story "serious".

I was excited when Square announced first Kingdom Hearts more than 20 years ago, but i stopped playing it because of bad camera implementation in the game though.

shinoff2183177d ago

Camera definitely can suck lol

FinalFantasyFanatic177d ago

It's okay, the story gets more convoluted with each entry they add to the franchise, even the "side games" are important to the story. For me, it was more the mixture of FF and Disney characters, plus having played the first two games, it was a decent enough story, but I'm done with it since KH3 happened (how do you make a KH game that boring?).

Personally, I think the KH franchise peaks at KH2, that was my favorite game, it just had the right mixture of everything I liked about it.

Outlawzz177d ago

I can't speak for everyone but kh was one of the first games to really do it big and showcase the ps2 back in the day. It was such an ambitious project in collaboration with disney.

Somewhere along the way they they lost it though, too many spinoffs, and the plot just became unnecessarily convoluted but ironically didnt have much depth. Never finished kh3 but I plan to return before diving into kh4.

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lucian229178d ago

It was the worst game in the primary part of series.

Kh2 and BBS were the best of kh. A shame kh3 formula may continue. It was crappy with no humanoid bosses until the dlc and final boss. The story blew too and game play got dumbed down.

shinoff2183178d ago

Square has done that alot in the last if i had to guess 5 10 years. I think its an age thing and trying to appeal to the younger crowd. Hell the one of the head devs said they stuck with action these days due to the younger crowd. It only makes sense. I hope alot of these companies keep releasing remaster of old ps1 snes rpgs cause those were the best years for jpgs imo.

Theres still good stuff(dq11 legend if heroes, indies like cosmic star heroine, sea of stars looks exciting) coming these days but man graphics aside they used to be way better.

FinalFantasyFanatic177d ago

KH3 was pretty much the reason I'm dumping the series, I cannot keep playing those games if that's how it's going to be from now on, it literally bores me.

I also hope we keep getting ports of those PS1/Snes RPGs, due to the hardware limitations and lower budgets, I feel like there was more leeway for creativity. I especially want SE to keep porting their games, they have a huge PS1/SNES catalogue that I want to play, and we are getting alot of their older games ported lately.

shinoff2183177d ago

Yea. Its pretty exciting. I hope they release alot of their past catalog

Inverno178d ago

I can talk about KH for hours, it's my low-key obsession (video game wise). I don't think I can express enough how much I really like this series, and how much it has left me disappointed since after 2. Cause at least between 1 and 2 there's some sense still left and all the over the top stuff brings in a lot of mystery. Every game after explains something left unanswered in the previous, but needlessly adds more on top.

Story wise the series is ruined.

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