The GTA 6 Leak Should Not Be Applauded

Devin Rardin - The Grand Theft Auto 6 leak is unfortunate for gamers and developers alike. It should not be applauded or celebrated and here is why

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z2g518d ago

agreed. its pretty shitty actually.

LeeFender518d ago

It's very unfortunate for everyone. The only person I do not feel bad for is the leaker himself. He deserves all the hate and jail time tbh.

Profchaos516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Yeah the leaker does deserve punishment in some regwrd especially given he actually tried to extort rockstar however given his only 17 I hope he is able to get his act together instead of ruining his life forver doing something very dumb

Jail him until gta 6 comes out as a sentence

theindiearmy516d ago

I love how sites are willingly writing articles displaying the leaked content for clicks, then doing a complete 180 of the script and saying how bad it is to have happened to get even more clicks. "We shouldn't celebrate this but let us exploit it first, please."

GamingSinceForever516d ago

💯. The very people complaining all watched the leaked footage.

Lightning77517d ago

No it shouldn't be celebrated. It's a breach for goodness sakes they're under heavy investigations and possible damage has been done.

What I'm noticing is a ton of hypocrisy. You've have ppl crying over GTA news then it gets leaked and now they crying how bad it looks despite it being a very early build of the game.

The Fable directors told Matt Booty to buzz off because they don't want to show off the game too early.

It's been said repeatedly that the process of building these game's aren't glamorous. The game looks bad, feels bad, plays bad everything about early builds of any game are bad, things are crashing, breaking etc. Imagine how a dev must feel having to look at early shitty builds of their game for many years until it's something concrete and presentable to the public. I bet that's a great feeling when it all finally comes together but in the mean time let the devs build and do there thing.

Shane Kim517d ago

You would hope the general population understand this. I mean you don't need to be professor Balthazar to know this is early build. I don't get what the fuzz is about.

ABizzel1516d ago

I'd assume the only logical reason people would criticize the game is that they'd expect it to be much further along considering Rockstar has been milking GTA5 for 3 generations now, so in that sense I don't blame the general public entirely, and considering it's using the same Rage Engine and have assets already set for GtAV and Red Dead you'd also think there would be a better running base.

That being said no one should be knocking the game for an early build regardless of what state it's in.

Lightning77516d ago

Surprisingly it's not public knowledge if they're talking crap about it.

Ninver516d ago

They've have almost a decade to present something decent. Whats the excuse for that? Some people will no longer be here to play the game.

Lightning77516d ago

R* has always done this. They never show off their game until way, way late.

This is how they operate.

Ninver516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Well something needs to change because that is way too long. Also it doesnt make sense since ps5 (not sure about xbox) has been designed to reduced development time

Tody_ZA516d ago

I must have missed the part where Rockstar, or any creative artist, owes you anything. Criticise a bad product or a bad practice, but don't criticise the time taken to make a great product. They can take as long as they like to make their game the way they want it and they don't have any obligation to give you news about it. Some of you guys want things immediately but you'll be the first to crush an unfinished product and say it needed more time in the oven. Regardless of how you feel about Rockstar or whether you like their games, you can't deny that their production values are insane and they produce quality.

Ninver516d ago (Edited 516d ago )


We can all agree that R* are masters of their domain in terms of producing quality/immersive games that define a generation (in gta5's case two). I am far from the type of gamer who feels entitled to anything. I've bought and will continue to to buy quality games to support devs who produce them.

What I am saying is it wouldn't hurt R* to drip feed their loyal fans even the tiniest of information or screenshot once a year. If they did, this leak wouldn't be so impactful because gamers would have an idea of were development currently is.

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Lightning77517d ago

The only reason some are "applauding" it is because of the way R*/Take 2 handle the GTA and Ref Dead franchises. They don't show up to E3 or any event, they never schedule their own event. We have to wait over 10 years for a new GTA. When they do decide to talk about it, it's very vague updates and they do this every year until they drop a trailer and even then the game is still a year out.

I get it, I get it whole handedly. It's the way they run their big franchises so ppl feel that this is Karma or they deserve this or they feel entitled to information. When we're not entitled to JACK. We're not making them games, putting in blood sweat and tears day in and day out. I feel like we're the problem in the industry sometimes.

ClayRules2012517d ago

“The only reason some are "applauding" it is because of the way R*/Take 2 handle the GTA and Ref Dead franchises.“ I’m so glad you’ve said this, because I couldn’t agree more!

I can’t quite find my words tonight for this, but you summed up pretty much exactly what I wanted to say, so thank you haha!

Lightning77517d ago

That's really what it is. Admittedly I don't necessarily like how they market GTA myself but that doesn't mean I'm gonna harass the hell out them. And say they "deserve" it because they don't at all.

Kombatologist516d ago

I wouldn't say I applaud it, but it certainly got me more excited about GTA6.

ClayRules2012516d ago

I’m glad you don’t applaud it. While I haven’t watched any of the videos, I do understand how some (based on people talking in videos, explaining in detail what the videos showed, along with people in YT comments) would be excited/more excited than they initially were for GTA6. I mean, heck, from what I’ve heard people detail I’m really excited for R* to reveal the first trailer and than some to us.

badboyz09517d ago

I watched like 10sec. I hate leaks

TheColbertinator517d ago

It shouldn't be applauded but it should not be completely discarded. I'm happy to see footage of the most anticipated game of the decade,

P_Bomb517d ago

Not gonna lie, I jumped at the chance to peek behind the curtain. Never held the look of anything against them.