PS3 Owners Want MMOs! Survey Results Revealed

Following up on the survey held at the beginning of December, PS3 Attitude reveals the results to 10 prodding questions directed at PS3 owners regarding the MMO genre.

With games such as The Agency and DC Universe Online coming to the PS3 in 2009 we prod with questions about pricing, whether the PS3 is better suited for the MMO genre than its competitors and what other franchises would users like to see grace Sony's console? Fallout MMO anyone?

With thousands answering the survey some of the figures are quite interesting. The fact that 61% of PS3 owners (or at least the ones that took the survey) are currently playing an MMO definitely took us by surprise. Read on for some more interesting statistics.

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Darkseider3586d ago

I would love some good MMOs for the PS3. Looking forward to The Agency and DC Universe. Bring SW:ToR to the PS3 and I will be in heaven.

UNCyrus3586d ago

DC Universe looks like City of Heros... but good

Brodiesan3586d ago

Looks very likely that SW:TOR is coming to consoles including the PS3. Then again, did you see the recent footage? Hmm. I'm not too sure at this point but, admittedly, it's early days yet.

LA-Z-BOY-_-3586d ago

Sorry for the noob question .whats (MMO) mean. lol

Aclay3586d ago

I think that M.A.G will probably be the most successful upcoming MMO for the PS3 and it's my most anticipated... I mean, 256 players, I've just got to see something like that in action. I'm also a little interested in The Agency as well.

DaSaintFan3585d ago

If MAG is officially listed as an MMO? I don't think they've genre-classified it yet?

But I'm probably the only one then, NOT looking forward to SW:ToR?

I sunk a fortune into monthly fees for FFXI... but I'll probably do the same for DC universe...

Voiceofreason3585d ago

MMO usually refers to games with thousands of players online at once. 256 falls a little short of massive imo.

INehalemEXI3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Can't wait for EQ3. If its buisness model is free2play w/ microtransactions I will be happy for many years to come.

I might would even buy a second ps3.

Sonyslave33586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

i can't wait for APB and Dbz online and Huxley and champion online o wait wrong system

Kain813586d ago

you mean Huxley that game that will come first on PC and
later on 360

THE GAMES_ENGINE IS SO OLD NOW, AND I THINK THAT THIS COUL BE CANCLED for 360, cause the last news about HUXLEY was spring 2008, and until today no news about HUXLEY. What happend, went it multi???

DirtyLary3584d ago

It's instance based.. same as multi rooms of Unreal 3 going off at the sametime.

Raoh3586d ago

same here. cant wait for some of the above mentioned titles but would love to see a sequel to everquest online adventures.

and since the SOE interview they said all future mmorpgs will have a pc and ps3 in mind so i'm hoping for either an everquest II port but most likely an everquest III for ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.