GTA 6 Leaker has allegedly been found and arrested in UK

From GameWatcher: "Just days after a hacker leaked a monumental amount of data, including GTA 6 testing footage, from Rockstar Games, a 17-year-old male has reportedly been arrested in connection to the crime.

It's being reported from various sources that the suspect is in police custody in relation to the Rockstar hack and one on Uber. City of London Police has confirmed it arrested a 17-year-old male in Uxbridge on Thursday 22 on suspicion of hacking as part of an investigation by the National Cyber Crime Unit. They don't currently go into any further specifics, but the investigation into this case was done in conjunction with the FBI."

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LG_Fox_Brazil366d ago

I am approving, but Dexerto has confirmed that this arrest indeed has to do with the Rockstar hack with the help of Matthew Keys. I already submitted their story

Orchard366d ago

That was crazy quick. He'll probably get a pretty light sentence in the UK though.

VenomUK366d ago

But, if Rockstar's servers are in the US you can bet they will try to extradite him so he gets a harsher sentence.

Binarycode366d ago

Doesn't matter if the Crime was committed in the UK.

JackBNimble366d ago

Good luck extraditing a minor

rpvenom366d ago

I doubt he will get a harsh punishment.. the likely thing they'll do would be to discipline him light, give him an opportunity to excel his hacking skills by funding his education in the space further and then force him to work for the government.

Lightning Mr Bubbles366d ago ShowReplies(5)
RaidenBlack366d ago

" ... and the kid mysteriously respawns outside the police station after few minutes."

northpaws366d ago

Hackers are costing every one money, leads to more expensive games (more resources spend on security), delayed launches, services go down (PSN/Live go down), identity theft (gamers lost their accounts and items), very annoying

robtion365d ago

Yeah usually but this was a bit different. Kind of impressive if a 17 year old managed to bypass a huge Billion dollar company's security. They should give him a job. Gaol would be a waste of talent and fines don't really benefit anyone worthwhile.

northpaws365d ago

Give him a job set a bad example, so more people would just start hacking to hope they can pull off something like that.

Mr_cheese365d ago

Sounds like the industry even without hackers


The sad part is his parents will be the one who pays the price. The incoming law suit will ruin his family but I guess he didn’t think about that part…

PapaBop366d ago

Yeah unless he gets extradited, he'll likely get 2 years or less. In the US they give hackers more jail time than we give rapists.

crazyCoconuts366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Depending on how he did it, he might get a job (no, not with rockstar)

MajorLazer365d ago

Nah, we're more civilised than that.