Xbox Series X|S update out now for THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake

Richard writes: "Just when you thought it was safe to come back from behind the sofa, THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD is back again! This time, with an update for Xbox Series X|S consoles. See the horrors of the Curien mansion in 4K UHD glory in THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake for Xbox Series X|S."

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CobraKai65d ago

This game needs light guns.

0rbital7165d ago

100% agree,.bring em back

jznrpg65d ago

This game needs PSVR2!!

Army_of_Darkness65d ago

But in the meantime, I'd be very happy getting it on psvr!

Concertoine65d ago

Whats the point of playing a lightgun game with a controller…

jznrpg65d ago

I’m hoping for psvr 2 or some sort of guns. I have house of the dead on Dreamcast with the guns . I agree it’s not the same with a controller

CobraKai64d ago

I’d love all Sega and Namco light gun games on PSVR

DOMination-64d ago

Light guns don't work with modern TVs (I think?)

CML264d ago

Arcade version uses big screen HDTVs so its possible.

Profchaos64d ago

Yeah you're right but we have other options outside of rapid reflection these days