Killzone 2 Microdetailed: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Part I) Preview writes "Sony's most prized title due to be released next year, has been garnering an incessant number of positive previews ever since its live debut at E3 2007, the community has been wondering at the might and poweress of the PlayStation 3 ever since its debut and Killzone 2 to a great extent alleviates almost all fears embellished by the community that has supported Sony's platform till date. Here we take a really hard look at the game that has dropped numerous jaws and characterize the essential features that makes the game so vivid in the era dominated by Crysis and Gears of War and yet mange to have bleak outlook that its predecessor suffered from."

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Violater3799d ago

Lets try to keep it civil in the spirit of the season.

Aaron Greenterd3799d ago

The Good - In the eyes of all Microsoft's customers, this game will be a flop no matter what. Once my customers feel as they have been lied to, they come to me for comfort and care (aka more punishment)

The Bad - We at Microsoft will have to spend billions on our own version of Killzone 2, code named HaloGears of KillDuty 3. Scheduled for release next fall.

The Ugly - The obscene amount of cash we will have to spend on corrupting various game sites around the web to bring this games' meta-score below 9.

goflyakite3799d ago

lmao, Greenterd is so awesome.

Jamegohanssj53799d ago

ROFLMAO! That was funny to me.


The Lazy One3799d ago

breaking up single articles into 3 part series... booooooooooo...

N4360G3799d ago

LOL Aaron Greenterd,funny stuff.Anyways,when Killzone 2 comes out,it will consume most of my time.I can't wait for Killzone 2 early next year!!

PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead3799d ago

"Lack of direction- Killzone 2 lacks any sort of direction indicator for your next objective, this has been done to keep the entire HUD cluster free"


The worst writing/grammar ever through-out the whole site! They tried to use big words to sound smart but half the time those respective words were misused! LOL!

I guess Gears 2's broken multiplayer got boring quick.

ultimolu3799d ago

I lol'd.

HaloGears and KillDuty 3

That was hilarious.

goflyakite3799d ago

Wow he's down to two bubbles already, that sucks. :'(

Save him.

XxZxX3799d ago

goflyakite, with post like that, he only need 1 bubbles to make a deep impact unlike some fanboys including predator, need 4 part of BS FUD and still couldnt get it right.

Halochampian3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

wrong reply button.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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281219863799d ago

being overhyped, the game is going to be pretty good but revolutionary...I seriously doubt...

Ashton3799d ago

but they are my favorite FPS games.A game doesn't have to be revolutionary to impress.

doshey3799d ago

did u see the video of the intro, the loading screen was 3d, what game has 3d on in it that is a console

ChampIDC3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I think just about every big game gets overhyped in a sense. People get so worked up over games like this that they're almost guaranteed to be disappointed because of their overly lofty expectations.

CViper3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Even though xbox fans wont agree. Thats why they all look forward to sony for revolution.

They topped the CGI graphics, which xbox fans said was impossible.
They made the best looking game on consoles, which xbox fans said was impossible.

Now the game has to be revolutionary? lol. Not one single 360 highly praised game has innovated/revolutionized a single thing. Yet people dont mind buying 360 games.

Don't worry. Killzone2 will revolutionize, and others will try to copy. Sony/GG wont get credit for it though. EPIC will when they try to copy deferred rendering. Just like they got credit for innovating Kill.Switches cover system.

Menech3799d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Am going to buy this game but as for it being better then any FPS on the 360 I will believe it when it see it. So far Gear 2 has quite nicely kicked any FPS Sony could make in the teeth. Hype all you want if the games good it will sell if its bad it wont. No amount of screen shots or play video's will make the game good.

If it was all about graphics the most popular PC FPS's wouldn't be Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike Source it would be Crysis. Graphics and Game play wont always make a good FPS its all about the excitement and rush you get from playing them.

Death24943798d ago

By who, the gaming community? Guerrilla Games and Sony don't even have advertisement out. This is all from various sites who obtained the preview code. You're just mad. If can give the game Best Graphics Award of E3 '08, over Gear of War 2, then that's saying something. If you're not going to buy the game, or don't like FPS, then don't comment on it. You're not getting it so why does it matter to you? As for me, I paid off my reserve and hope Gamestop does a midnight launch on the game.

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Nice3799d ago

"Graphics are the best part of Killzone 2 apart from the desolated beauty of the planet filled with lightening strikes all around, the guns are modeled in a similar fashion of weapons from the Second World War, and they require a frequent reloading mechanism which is as long as the active reload mechanism found in yours truly Gears of War."

Jager3799d ago

lmao, the long reload animations werent started by Gears, Detailed reload animations came out with KZ... Cooking Grenades is also something the First KZ did... and WWII weapons? REALLY? Did the British use the IW-80A2 in WWII or something? fricken fail...

edhe3799d ago

From the clips i've seen looks like you'll spend 10-15% of the game looking at a fullscreen reloading animation..

Ergo it needs to be buttfsckingly awesome.

n4gzz3799d ago

It is overhyped game. Borrowed from mix of Halo and COD.

Why don't you go play Halo and COD and leave KZ2 for us.
well, I like COD4 actually.

PotNoodle3799d ago

Couldn't be anymore different than both halo and CoD, please get a clue.

kevanio093799d ago

The gameplay couldn't be more similar. You have gun, and you shoot other gun wielding foes. Each have subtle differences, but they all at heart shooters.

PotNoodle3799d ago

Apart from the fact they're all FPS games, they all play very differently.

pixelsword3799d ago

...although I like both H3 and CoD4, I think KZ2 has them both beat in many different ways.

NicCageMYHero3799d ago

I didn't join the Beta (just got a PS3 two weeks ago) but I heard this plays very similar to COD4 which I would love. A little slower, more realistic, and it doesn't take 100 bullets to kill or be killed like Halo. Am I off base with that assumption?

PotNoodle3799d ago

And it plays very differently from CoD.

NicCageMYHero3799d ago

...could you tell me a little about how it plays (compared to another FPS if possible)?

Yipee Bog3799d ago

the first thing you will notice is the recoil of the various weapon types necessitating a more controlled and less rambo type of player. You can go in guns blazing but after an entire clip of scattered shots you'll adjust your tactics (good in my opinion, allows for talent to prevail). Reloading never really bothered me, the amazing animations wont let you focus on that. You don't necessarily feel like you are a floating gun window, or you have moon boots on. you jump off of a high point, your body will feel and appear to be like a shock absorber from the fall. all of these things add up for an involving and dare I say realistic, gameplay experience. Mind you this is from the beta, and most of the problems in it have been and will be fixed.

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Retro-Virus3799d ago

Is the lack of online co-op which is a big thing for me, apart from that, this GAME is set to rock.

Kudos to SONY for sticking to their guns and beating the unbeatable E-3 2005 target video.

Now give me my online co-op :)

Fishy Fingers3799d ago

Online co-op is meant to get patched in post launch according to various sources. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to see it in there from day one.

Violater3799d ago

Would be mind numbing, it is actually the only shortcoming.
Pray for DLC patch.
Imagine if it had Co-op like R2

Omega43799d ago

In this day and age not having co-op in a FPS = EPIC FAIL

Practically every game is doing it even games which shouldnt like RE5, WKC and Fable 2. Not having that feature from the start means the game shouldnt even touch a score higher than an 8.5 let alone a 9

MURKERR3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )


twoface3799d ago

I have only one thing to say to you.

Merry Christmas!!

Michael Jackson3799d ago

"In this day and age not having co-op in a FPS = EPIC FAIL" = EPIC FAIL COMMENT

"Not having that feature from the start means the game shouldnt even touch a score higher than an 8.5 let alone a 9" = EPIC FAIL TIMES 2

Dumbest comment of the year. MGS4 didn't have online coop and so did a lot of other games that deserved scores higher than 9.

A comment like yours shouldn't even touch a score higher than 5.

TrooGamer3799d ago

Haha a truly pathetic comment.

Well done and Merry Xmas

Omega43799d ago

"MGS4 didn't have online coop" was that a FPS?????

Why dont you give me a list of all the squad based FPS which have scored over 8.5 and DONT have co-op because i'd like to hear them

3799d ago
Jamegohanssj53799d ago



boodybandit3799d ago

How can you be so bitter on Christmas Eve?
Have you been a bad boy?


Merry Christmas Everyone!
Keep It Light & Stay Safe!

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