Merry Killzmas! - Part 3

One more day until Christmas! But before the Designers at Guerrilla Games take a break from putting the finishing touches on the game (so close!), here's another set of holiday-themed wallpapers for your enjoyment.

The first wallpaper features Sev delivering presents to the ISA troops stationed on Helghan, using a jury-rigged Intruder craft:

Click here to download the full-resolution wallpaper.

The second wallpaper shows Colonel Radec celebrating the New Year by toasting to peace on Helghan and goodwill toward Helghast:

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Doppy3803d ago

They all were really great

Mr Tretton3803d ago

I like the Helghast one with the champagne glass

dexterwang3803d ago

these wall papers r great! Love the contrast between ISA and helgans

pixelsword3791d ago

...but that's because they look like space men.

...and they have bodies on the ground, lol