Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Auto-Enhanced with Nvidia RTX Remix AI

During their presentation for the Nvidia 4090, Omniverse was presented and we got a glimpse into Morrowind being auto-enhanced with Nvidia RTX Remix AI. Here are the results.

MoistRaine4d ago

Pretty neat, if it works as described...

HardKnockKid244d ago

This is amazing... If Bethesda released this as a remake I would buy Morrowind a fourth time. The was my first open world game and to this day is my favorite elder scrolls ever!

jznrpg4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It’s the only great Elder Scrolls imo, no quest arrow , Levitate still there Athletics and Acrobatics intact and you could make awesome spells ! Oblivion was lesser but good and Skyrim was the worst in many ways . The quest lines
were good but spell making was lesser and statistics were lesser and I hate the sprint button. You make a god like character who can slay dragons but you can’t run for more than 10 seconds because you get tired , how lame is that.

HardKnockKid244d ago

Lol I remember feeling similarly when each of those games came out. I remember being so disappointed that they removed levitation in favor of level design in oblivion instead of maybe adding no levitation zones as the result of a spell or something. It’s never been back, but I return to Morrowind regularly!

porkChop4d ago

It looks great and it will make it super easy to get free remasters of old games. I'm just not sure I want to support Nvidia. They have the performance and the features I want, and I've been really happy with my 1080 Ti Sea Hawk X. But I realize that Nvidia will keep screwing over their customers and vendors unless they lose market share. AMD isn't putting up much of a fight, but I hope with Battlemage that Intel can really get their shit together and compete.

Lionsguard4d ago

Does this require a 4000 series graphics card?

anast4d ago

Probably not, I think this is a DLSS 3 feature, which is only available for 4xxx series.

Giblet_Head3d ago

According to Nvidia it's not: "NVIDIA RTX Remix requires a GeForce RTX GPU to create RTX Mods, while mods built using Remix should be compatible with any hardware that can run Vulkan ray-traced games."

anast3d ago


Thanks for the heads up.

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