Splinter Cell Remake: The Original Game's Story Is Being Rewritten For Modern Audiences

Ubisoft is hiring for a scriptwriter for its Splinter Cell Remake, and it looks like the narrative will be revamped for a modern audience.

Vengeance11384d ago

Anytime the word "modern" is used it's a huge red flag that it'll suck hard.

chrisx4d ago

Modern means "the message". What a disappointment.

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TallDarknWavy4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yes, Sam will now be transgender to appeal to woke, spineless dorks, none of which would've bought the game in the first place.

SullysCigar4d ago

Okay, the slightest whiff of wokery and I'm not even touching it secondhand. I'm just so fed up with these companies trying to force an agenda and steer mindsets.

If they do it a second time they'll lose my future purchases too. We have to vote with our wallets, because our opinions are being censored - how else will we let them know this is not the direction we want?

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crazyCoconuts4d ago

I wonder what word they would use to describe me since I was around when the first one made. "legacy"? "aging"? "crusty"? Probably something even worse lol
Well, I have money and still buy games from time to time, so we'll see if I'm not modern enough for the new game lol

Knushwood Butt4d ago

Incapable of accepting people for what they are? That seems to be the assumption, and we need to be re-educated.

DeusFever4d ago

Same. I loved the original Splinter Cell and I’m not dead yet.

LonDonE4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

agreed, this has me nervous as hell now, they will probably make Sam into Samantha, so a woman who is gay... or a transgender with pink hair... look i don't have an issue with any of the above but i do not want my favorite games and characters ruined for a bunch of modern kids who don't give a crap about the said game in the first place... so tired of this bs in the games industry at the moment. stick to the dam roots of the game and improve the things that matter like ai, sound design, lighting, game play etc and appreciate your loyal fans

Ashunderfire863d ago

Here is the thing when they say modern for a new generation, they are also talking about pleasing their shareholders with today's nonsense. That's why Disney shows and movies are like that now. An that is one major example.

EazyC4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It's so weird how anything that's rewritten now has an automatic connotation of driving some political agenda.

I mean, as soon as I saw this I immediately thought "oh god"

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Orchard4d ago

All they really needed to do was remake the original with refreshed graphics. Anything else is unnecessary and likely to ruin it.

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RaidenBlack4d ago

Splinter Cell will be a Remake ... in same vain as other high quality remakes.
Remember, Ubisoft's gameplay department might be crap but their tech department(s) at Montreal & Massive are one of the best in the industry. They are always bringing something new using their proprietary engines.
So this remake (on paper) should be a much easier job for them.

IRetrouk4d ago

I'm looking forward to it, hopefully gameplay is closer to the originals and not the last one.

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CrimsonWing694d ago

Just what the fans wanted… Ubisoft you knuckleheads, I swear!

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