1UP: Hideo Kojima Discusses Next Two Games, World Relevance In Famitsu

In a candid Famitsu interview this week, Hideo Kojima divulges the fact that he is directing not just one, but two games concurrently. The title that will be announced first is being made in a style similar to the way his team has worked in the past, while the second will be produced by a restructured Kojima Productions with the overseas market firmly in mind. Kojima likens Western game development to Hollywood, with its products being made for the entire world, and reveals that his team is currently receiving "a makeover from the ground up." His goal for Kojima Productions: A software house that can compete with the best of the best from America and Europe.

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Mercutio3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Next Gen, where ever KojiPro decide their next game to be on. I will be there. Just like the last two Gens.

Just read the article.

There is no way Kojima is making an FPS game, he has motion sickness. I hate the way they stated everything, though.

Typical American site. 1UP, stop your dreams of FPS game made by Kojima period.

FPS are going out the window lately. I have a feeling that after Killzone 2, there will be no more love for FPS games in general ( and that's IF KZ2 sells)

Fishy Fingers3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Haha... You kidding me, FPS is one of the most popular genres from both a customer and developer point of view. They're going no where. Regardless of how KZ2 performs.

Why not look back over GOTYs recently, or check the charts, you see FPS all over them.

Mercutio3802d ago

The thing is, that FPS are slowely revealing the reduced interest in them. R2 sold less then everyone expected. Don't get me wrong, I used to like FPS, but the only good FPS this gen was COD4. KillZone 2 I will definitely purchase, the graphics look amazing.

The most saught after games, the games that are flagship titles. They include less and less FPS games lately.

Three vital factors remaining:

1. Kojipro does not like to be "Ordinary", games like ZOE and MGS and Snatcher etc. Prove this.
2. KOJIMA has Motion sickness.

3. Also, I doubt that it will be a multiplat game, it's either gonna be a 360 exclusive or a PS3 exclusive. Multiplatform games are like whores with low standards lol.

NNNW3802d ago

agreed with point 3. lol

hay3802d ago

Wow, I wonder how Kojima's FPS game would look like... But honestly, I hope for something new, some fresh idea he talked about. Snatcher and ZoE3 would be awesome enough too.

gaffyh3802d ago

I'm guessing the first game is PS3 exclusive, and the second (western) game is multi-plat or 360 exclusive.

Whatever I'll get both if I can.

va_bank3802d ago

I think I've read that Japanese are generally affected by the motion sickness, caused by FPS-type gameplay. I could be wrong though.

For me personally - I'm so sick of playing FPS for the last 15 years, I don't care if they never make another one. Sadly (for me) FPS is not going anywhere. But I do think Kojima's talent would be wasted on an FPS - there's no room for this genre to evolve. Here's the summary of what changed in an FPS in last 15 years:

Halo - introduced vehicles
Call of Duty 2 - Regenerating healthbar.

Please correct me if I missed anything on that list.

baum3802d ago

The platform is completely next-gen, and better if it's not made by Microsoft, though if it's the only choice I guess I'll eat humble pie... I hope other companies get involved with power gaming.

Mainman3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

FPS games can rot for all I care (harsh statement I know, but it's more of a figure of speech). I dont like FPS games.

I am gonna buy Killzone 2 though, but imo Killzone 2 would've been a much better game if it had a 3rd person option. The only reason I want KZ2 is because of graphics and production value really.

I do want games to have a First Person View option however, so you can line up a headshot perfectly. MGS series have been doing this since MGS2 and that's what I loved about MGS.

MGS4's controls for instance is perfect. Shoot in FPV, over the shoulder and auto-aim. If FPS games had the option to change to 3rd person or OTS, I would've bought alot more FPS games.

I had also bought COD4. I played it till I got the highest online level (46?) without doing the prestige levels. After that I never played it again and eventually gave the game away.

GVON3802d ago

Anyone know what the FPS was that is shown in MGS 4 in act three when big mamma is speaking just after the big boss :) reveal and how the governments were using FPS games to train kids for real world wars.
It's only a glimpse but I can't make out if it's MGS4 in FPS,but it looks like KZ2?

Timesplitter143802d ago

wow what the hell is with all those disagrees in the first few replies?

FPS games ARE losing ground. Look at UT3, R2, COD5, and all those ultra-flops like Legendary or whatever. These first 3 were top-notch FPSs from critically acclaimed franchises. But people start realizing it's always the same game with different graphics and stories in them.

MazzingerZ3802d ago

FPS already exists as genre...why Kojima, someone that invented the stealth action genre would both with that?...he's coming with something new and we should be thankful that there are still developers that want to contribute to VG like he and his team do.

AAACE53802d ago

I see you're out of bubbles, but, you may be tired of FPS games, but for a large amount of people... that's all they play!

I admit that it seems like every developer has a FPS game on the market. 90% of those games are garbage to me, or aren't appealing to me!

I'll bash on Halo 3 first... Halo is not really that fun to me! It is kinda corny and kiddie to me truthfully! I don't like the worlds or the characters. The gameplay is OK, but that's it.

Resistance 2 looks like it has great gameplay, but I don't like the characters or the fact that it is based back around the WWII period.

At this point... CoD 4 has been the best FPS I have ever played! It's modern, has great gameplay and a hell of a story.

But that's just how I feel about those games. Someone else may love Halo 3 to death, or R2 to death. Fact is, FPS are a major thing to have on a console, so don't expect them to go anywhere anytime soon!

If you take them away... you have very little to play! Each genre only has a few great titles worth buying, and there is still alot that can be done to push the FPS genre foward.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3802d ago

That's an opinion not fact because you don't find too many shooters appealing it doesn't mean that are? Opinions never equal fact because one person likes hockey and the other soccer nether sport sucks since one chose the other.

Don’t get me wrong you can state your opinion just don’t state your opinion as fact because you only find Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Killzone 2 the only good FPSs it doesn’t mean it’s the only good FPSs. Now that’s a fact.

hades073801d ago

To expand on what has changed over the last 15 years in fps's

Duke3d - Protagonist with personality
Quake - Fully 3d graphics
Half-life - Cinematic/scripted
Quake3/UT - Multiplayer focused

...and after the games you stated, not a whole lot has changed, mostly refinements and evolutions, but nothing revolutionary.

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Pizzagaki3802d ago

Whatever it is, wherever it goes, Pizzagaki will buy it.

Parappa The Rappa3802d ago

freak me the hell out. for reals.

Rock Bottom3802d ago

"The title that will be announced first is being made in a style similar to the way his team has worked in the past"

Something like MGS3,MGS4... MGS5?

"while the second will be produced by a restructured Kojima Productions with the overseas market firmly in mind"

A multiplatform game, a shooter with multiplayer maybe, not FPS though.

PS360WII3802d ago

FPS are all fine and dandy but I want something with a little more substance...(that's just my personal preference) Hopefully he's working on another DS title :) That would rock!

bigjclassic3802d ago

I wanna personally see ZOE3 and a Snatcher game on Wii. Then ill be
pleased Kojima-sama!!

Xlll3802d ago

ZOE3 would be a waste on the Wii. Even with the Wii controls i would much rather see a Next Gen ZOE. Just think what that would look like and the speed of that game would be just to crazy.

PS360WII3802d ago

ZOE3 wouldn't be a waste on any system. Heck bring it out on the SegaCD for all I care just develop it already :)

RufustheSage3802d ago

I don't care what Kojima makes! DAY ONE!

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