Alone in the Dark Preview - Reimagining the original survival horror | TheSixthAxis

Reimagining the classic Alone in the Dark survival horror series, Pieces Interactive is crafting a love letter to the originals with a modern flair.

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HeliosHex579d ago

This is a huge undertaking. This series is an all time fan favorite the grand daddy of survival horror. To boldly do a remake takes some courage and belief that you will make this entry respectful to the source while elevating it to new heights. I sincerely hope they succeed as iam a big fan of alone in the dark very nostalgic for me.


Alone in the Dark (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "In one sense, it feels strange to even think Pieces Interactive had big shoes to fill with this series' legacy. Given what's come before, did it really? And yet, even when considering the last two flops over a two-decade span, there's still something about Alone in the Dark emblazoned on a title screen that carries a sense of revered history. In that respect, perhaps this reboot's best accomplishment is in honoring that spirit through its inventive world. It's also fair to emphasize knocks against its survival-horror design, some puzzle-solving, and so on; it certainly won't be considered a trendsetter like the 1992 classic. Still, the amount of goodwill wedded to its brighter qualities makes for something that dawdles the line between unfortunately-flawed and impressively-enticing."

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Alone in the Dark review [SideQuesting]

The new Alone in the Dark remake doesn't do anything especially noteworthy, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just... cromulent.

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Alone in the Dark's 2024 remake is compelling but rough around the edges

The original Alone in the Dark - hailing all the way back from 1992 - is re-imagined with Unreal Engine 4. The story and puzzle elements are dramatically overhauled, where PS5, Series X and S strive for 60fps gameplay in a decent performance mode. However there are technical rough points to this release which detract from what could be a much better game.

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purple1019d ago

series S performance mode, 800x450p - 1600-900p

so NEVER hits 1080, and goes as low as a ps2.

this consoles dead to me