Nvidia says falling GPU prices are a story of the past

Nvidia has all but confirmed what many were already speculating about in regard to the prices of the RTX 40-Series.

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ABizzel1374d ago

What he's saying is true, however, the issue is their GPUs have been vastly overpriced to begin with, so it's not like they were ever struggling on profits. He wants people to believe "Everything is going up" (which it is), meanwhile here are NVIDIAs fiscal years:

NVIDIAs 2019 - 2022 fiscal years (in billions)
2019 fiscal year $11.72, 2020 fiscal year $10.92, 2021 fiscal year $16.68, 2022 fiscal year $26.91 billion (GPU crash).

So yes things are going up for them, but they are passing that increase off to consumers, while still charging consumers a massive overhead in order to attempt to continue record-breaking years for their business. NVIDIA doesn't care about gamers, they care about billions no matter where they come from.

Killer2020UK374d ago

Are those figures profit or turnover?

TheCaptainKuchiki374d ago

It's revenue (profit). But mind you their net income last year was over $9B, close to their 2020 revenue!

n1kki6374d ago

Umm, @thecaptain kuchiki Revenue is NOT profit. Profit is Revenue - expenses = profit

Thats why we need the profit number. Which you can find in the annual reports. I just don't care to check for you.

TheCaptainKuchiki373d ago

@n1kki6 in my country, these two words are interchangeable.
I already gave you the net income which substracts the costs. It's the money earned by the company after taxes. Stop acting sassy because I was one step ahead of you. In last year, they earned over $9B AFTER TAXES AND COSTS which means that they earned nearly as much money as their 2020 revenue (before taxes and costs).

DarthZoolu374d ago

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AmUnRa374d ago

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lonewolf10374d ago

It will be very telling if the AMD GPU's are much more sensibly priced when they release.

ABizzel1374d ago

We'll see.

Hopefully, they see the backlash and adjust accordingly, but they've been slightly undercutting NVIDIA while still being close to those higher tiers as well. It's just they're much more likely to drop prices when they need to. They have to make the decision on higher profits while keeping subpar marketshare or maybe losing it as people buy used/new RTX 3000 cards, or finally have the chance of gaining marketshare at the cost of much smaller profits in comparison.

FinalFantasyFanatic373d ago

Let's hope AMD want more of that market share, there's a real opportunity there for them, but they might just decided they'd rather have the larger profit instead.

lonewolf10373d ago


Yes I had 970, and buyers should also be aware of the 2 diff 4080's as there are some major differences which seem a bit off.

TheCaptainKuchiki374d ago

Nvidia has become a VERY RICH company in a relatively short time. Their GPUs are definitely overpriced.

SierraGuy374d ago

These top end cards should be $700 US retail at MOST.

The mining boom is over no matter what Mr. Huang thinks. Nvidia's profits/sales will take a large hit this year and AMD will gain some more market share until nvidumbs up above realize we need to drop the price this time next year to stay competitive and relevant.

This price gouging is probably another reason EVGA said nah knowing sales will plummet.

Great card otherwise but EVGA ain't stupid.

FinalFantasyFanatic373d ago

It was an unprecedented time period, but unfair for all these companies and shares holders to expect year on year profits when the pandemic/crypto craze was a blip or anomaly in normal operations. If anything it should have started to level off and gone back to what it originally would have earned.

wraith9999374d ago

NVIDIA has literally been the best investment of the past decade, they're killing it. You honestly can't even blame them.

jznrpg374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

That’s the problem I have with Nvidia . They make great products but they are way overpriced . Because AMD is their only competition at this point they milk the market . Intel has a looong way to go but even then we need more players in the industry .
AMD also needs to compete better in the high end market they could help drive down prices if they were better with their highest end cards .
I do think they get their at some point to compete better but it may be a good long while and will they undercut NVidia or just replace them with their exorbitant prices if they end up with the better tech ??? .

Intel may never get there . We need more competition , and I hate companies that charge waaaay more than they should.

People complain about 10$ price hike for games but 1 game can cost 100-200 million $$ and has huge risk so I get the price increase and games haven’t gone up in price In years.
I remember when expensive cards were 399-499 at the most now you can pay $1,000-2k+ for a card.
They are charging hundreds more for these cards than they should and have little risk involved if any really unless they totally screw up but you hear less about their greed than a 10$ price hike for a game that has massive risk involved

FinalFantasyFanatic373d ago

The other thing I particularly like about Nvidia is their scummy practices, they've pulled some terrible crap before, anyone remember the GTX 970 controversy?


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rlow1374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

He can call it whatever he wants. If the prices are to high and people don’t buy, then Nvidia is up a creek without a paddle. So the question will be. Do pc gamers just shrug their shoulders and suck it up? My bet is Nvidia knows they’ll groan about it but will still give the devil his due.

lonewolf10374d ago

While i think that will be true for a certain amount of people, I can also see people waiting to see what AMD come up with and their prices. Plus the NVidia pricing may also reflect a lack of miner sales now GPU is all but dead, gotta keep profits up somehow.

anast374d ago

They will suck it up and complain. They will continue to be knowingly suckerd.

Gridknac373d ago

What is really going on here is a bit of reverse psychology. At first we heard nvidia was delaying the 40 series because of 30 series overstock. This news, with high prices, made people hold off to see the 40 series spec and price. Nvidia now shows off the new line at a ridiculous price knowing they will sell a few to the hard cores. The bigger objective is to cause people to go ahead and get a 30 series which are cheap right now. I just grabbed a MSI 3080ti for $869 on Amazon and was gaming on it within 2 days. Nvidia likes to think they set the market price point, but in reality if people dont buy, that price tanks. Just compare gpu prices today vs 6mos ago.

rlow1373d ago

Still $869 dollars is still a chunk compared with pre pandemic pricing.
Your right on the psychology of it all. Come out with that type of pricing and it makes everything else look like a deal.



Nvidia is the absolute Pinnacle of corporate greed. I can't stand them anymore last year I bought a 6900 XT and I love it.

I can no longer support these greedy scumbags

374d ago
GoodGuy09374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

They were doing fine with the base 3000 cards but unfortunately the tariff and covid happened. Now they have that huge greed back for this new generation from the 2000 series.

I really hope AMD and intel step up their gpu business, unfortunately nvidia always has them beat...

Binarycode374d ago

Buy AMD or at least wait and see how they compare etc.