Gran Turismo 5 Kazunori Yamauchi Interview

Import tuner interviews Kazunori Yamauchi to find out what to expect from gran turismo 5 as well as other things.

"Video game geek, maybe, but he's way cooler than you."

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TOO PAWNED3676d ago

"Is there an ETA on GT 5?
It won't be this year and nothing's scheduled for next. It may be out in 2010, but like I said, we haven't really discussed it yet."

man that sucks. 2010 relese date for gt5? damn

yanikins1113676d ago

ummm, i think they are aiming for just before christmas 09.... and i think they have stated that about 10 times... but oh well

Sarcasm3676d ago

Pretty old interview that I've already read on the magazine. Good one nonetheless.

GVON3676d ago

yeah it sounds like what we were hearing just after prologue came out

rockleex3675d ago

"Besides GT, are there any other games that you play?
No, not really.

Not even other driving games?
No. It's more fun to drive real cars."


GVON3674d ago

he said before that he does play them but spends a few minutes and says "ah thats what they are doing" and never touches them again.

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Wile3676d ago

2010 is better than never.

nos4speed3676d ago

Im glad I found this little gem of an interview XD
This guy is a legend, hes gotta be ranked up there with Hideo Kojima (is that spelt right?) true dedication to his games and the motoring industry.

thereapersson3676d ago


Some people really have NO idea how passionate and dedicated this man is to cars and car culture. I mean, he was on the design team for the new GT-R for crying out loud!

thereapersson3676d ago

I have high hopes for GT:5, but seriously, it better be the racing game to end all racing games when it (finally) gets released.

And this means full body damage, crash physics and dynamic weather effects. I want PD to go all out with this game.

RoarrrUK3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Fully agreed. Damage needs to be there. Not a later DLC but there from the off. If it is out come the end of 2010 because of it, then so be it.

As for GT5P updates. I wonder what are on the cards.

CViper3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Stop trying to ruin the franchise with stupid nonsense Because flopza has bendable Carbon Fiber and 200mph drive away dents. Damage is fine, but GT is not about wrecking your cars. Never has been. Its what the millions of fans love about the game. The second to none car list & tracklist & Driving.

Damage isn't going to make any competition more realistic, as you will always have douchebags online. Racing with mature people never results in wrecks, same as racing in real life doing a track day. Yea there might be an accident, but guess what that means? You are done until you get the insurance company to replace your wreck.

What makes competition more realistic is time penalties that affect idiots that cut corners or bump illegally. PC sims aren't just all destruction derbies where the winner is the person who sustains the least damage. No, you are racing against the clock. It just happens everyone else is as well. You aren't trying to ram, yeah you can nudge people and bump. Thats racing. But don't cry because you cant drive, you spin out and hit a wall.. bounce off, and claim the image of reality has broken down due to it.

-Tire Wear
-Engine Temp/Radiator
-Aerodynamics\Spoilers really changing things at high speeds.

All need to be factors that your driving changes. Which have already been, and will need to be added. Internal 'damage' or wear is needed more than just cosmetic.

Its irritating to know that they are actually going to bother with it in the first place, instead of a patch later on, when there are so many other things to add to the GT Franchise that really would enhance gameplay.

Oner3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I agree Cviper, though I wouldn't mind damage if there was also an option to de-select it. But think about this situation for a moment, you are in the lead with a few turns left to go, damage is in place and the 2nd place driver slams into your rear quarter in a turn damaging that rear wheel so you can't continue, only for his bumper to be damaged and him go on for the win.

That is why I wouldn't want damage to be in place without being able to remove it. That is unless you race with people who play fair & drive clean. What's most important is private rooms, and the ability to boot/kick/ban people who deserve it.

yoghurt3676d ago

hmm, not sure about this interview. It seems old, the answers he is giving just seem old, and especially in relation to GT5 he just seems far too vague

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