UK retailer Zaavi goes into administration

3,000 jobs at risk, 114 stores potentially to close as one of the UK's newest (and biggest) games and media retailers goes into administration.

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Cajun Chicken3584d ago

Oh s**t. I love ordering games off this place.

anh_duong3584d ago

wonder how long before they blame this on the ps3 /sarcasm

Capt CHAOS3584d ago

Just when I bought a couple of 360's, I found out that Zavvi were still doing the arcade for 99 something.. Mind you, I got the arcade with a free fifa 2009 game anwyay..

But a real shame for a virgin arm flogged for 1.00 by virgin not that long ago..

Alvadr3584d ago

They were having a clearout sale already!!! went in today and picked up Mirrors Edge for the PS3 for £12... Bargin!!!

-Neon-3584d ago

One of my favourite stores :'(
Why couldn't it have been HMV instead.... I much prefer Zavvi to HMV.

TIKUP3584d ago

Nooooooooooooooooo this is a great store and i ordered alot of my games of the website!!!!! :(

Fishy Fingers3584d ago

Surprised. This is part of Virgin media right?

ali3123584d ago

Richard branson paid the zaavi chain 30 million to take it off his hands. Yes you read it correct, Branson paid Zaavi as the megastore had some large debt

Capt CHAOS3584d ago

I heard it was 1 pound but that included the debt.

jspc19893584d ago

then were in trouble. Thats a huge store chain.

chasuk083584d ago

I would probably say there are only 4 big entertainment chains left and if one of them go we are all screwed.

Argos, Currys(PC WORLD, DIXONS, COMET all the same company), HMV and Game/Gamestation.

If one/all of these go then we could be in big trouble.

Capt CHAOS3584d ago

You mentioned gamestation but not game?

chasuk083584d ago

I said Game. "Game/Gamestation". Both owned by the same company.

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The story is too old to be commented.