FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Interview

Regardless of how many pretty pretenders arrive on the scene, FlatOut has always been the most destructive, physics-obsessed racing series there is.

Now on Xbox 360, Ultimate Carnage promises to benifit from the power boost with tons more collisions and carnage per track, new solo and multiplayer game modes as well as downloadable content in the bag.

You can even play the series' excellent mini-games over Xbox Live, with eight players smashing though their windscreens at the same time, which is a prospect destined for greatness.

Producer Danny Rawles fields CVG's questions on the 360-exclusive instalment.

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no_more_heroes5705d ago

have never played a flatout game before, but it doesn't mean I don't want to. I might get this one when I get my 360

FirstknighT5705d ago

The only thing that stopped Flatout 2 from greatness was the actual driving. It just didn't feel right. But the crashes and physics were one of the best around. And the mini games were crazy fun. Looks like the 360 is starting to look like the place for racers!

Chief5705d ago

Simultaneous stunts online - that is going to rock!