Video game actors are worried about AI tech taking over their jobs

From USA Today: "Self-service checkouts, lights-out manufacturing, self-driving cars, and wars raged by robotic drones – automation is coming for everyone’s jobs eventually, and our capitalist systems aren’t equipped to carry us through it.

As I type this, teams are working on machine-learning AI that can write simple news articles with perfect grammar and without rambling introductions. They can’t be self-deprecating like me – and they certainly can’t interview people – but they sure can put words in order.

No one is safe from the death march of technological advancement. Not even actors."

Eonjay4d ago

Graphic artists too may find their jobs endangered by AI. In just the last couple of years I have seen the advent of programs like Doll-E 2.0. it's truly frightening how much more powerful AI can be backed by compute power orders upon orders of magnitude more powerful than people.

The biggest threat of all is greedy people who find any route to save money even if it means replacing their human force with an AI one.

Where does it end. If computers replace all of us at the workplace, who will actually be able to buy and play the games. It seems self defeating to keep eliminating human jobs to computers.

Profchaos4d ago

If AI ever truly gets to.the point of being able to replace the vast majority of workers there will be no choice but enact a universal basic income and allow people to pursue hobbies and passions for additional income.

If nobody has a job or purpose there will be zero cash flow to fund business using the ai so what's the point there would be crime and chaos everywhere without a ubi

Sirk7x4d ago

That's pretty much the only way. And businesses that are making most of their money through automation, those will have to be nationalized, and their profits will have to be one of the funders for UBI.

JackBNimble4d ago

You won't be able to pay rent , Bill's and feed yourself on a ubi . So if that happens forget about gaming because you couldn't afford it in the first place.

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

That is how I see it going, it's the only way society could continue to function. Although I imagine the wealthy and the super corporations might kick up about it (they'll have to help out and pay their fair share for UBI to be feasible).

Inverno4d ago

Start with self checkouts, then add cameras, now they know when you haven't scanned an item. Self driving vehicles are a thing, add that tech to forklifts, no need for licensed forklift drivers. Go a step further, start using smaller trucks to distribute merchandise, now you eliminate the need for truck drivers cause the trucks drive themselves. There are stores that have already eliminated the need for human workers, eventually they'll find a way to have them stock up themselves.

If you told me that the goal is this communist paradise where AI does everything and we all live luxurious lazy lives then maybe I can see this as a good thing. But technology has been the opposite of convenience because companies only have money on their minds. And with the way society has been structured not everyone can become a doctor.

I don't think it's going to become a problem because there'll be huge pushback. So much has to before we all agree on an AI operated paradise. Just count yourself lucky you won't be alive to see the world be taken over by pissed off robots.

Knushwood Butt4d ago

There's fewer things more dangerous than people with too much time on their hands.

Profchaos4d ago

I've done work for a steel mill in Australia self driving forklifts are actually already here they used them to automatically transfer coils from point a to point b while following a line on the floor. It's not ai powered it's just automatng repetitive tasks with some computer smarts and monitoring like step in front of them and they stop... hopefully.

I understand the fear and concern and I used to share that until I started seeing the backend of the tech and I have to say it's all marketing we are really at the infancy and I honestly don't think we will ever get to the point of replacing everyone that does jobs like drive trucks because a computer could drive sure but it can't secure a load or deal with a engine failure.

We may end up automating fast food I'd say that's the one industry that could be taken over by basically a production line and working in that industry before you feel like you're in a human production line so I guess that makes sense.

What I'm getting at is the tech isn't sentient it can't deal with variables and left feild curveballs and it probably never will be at that point because you can't code for things that haven't happened yet.

Organisations also need you to spend money for them to operate even the biggest corporations feel it when people stop spending look at coke a few years ago they really got hurt when people stoped buying as much and getting healthy. so automating jobs means less money in the global economy and they lose in the end and of the economy stops what are the execs going to do when they can't buy their 4th yacht.

Sirk7x4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Eventually you won't have to buy games at all. AI will be able to generate any type of media and art at will. You would tailor as many parameters as you wish to influence the outcome. People will share their creations with others, and some characters will become famous/popular through memes. You'll see a character that someone invented and generated be used in video games, movies, animation, music videos, etc. If that's able to be copyrighted, people will be able to make money simply from having ideas.
Our world is going to be completely changed due to advancements in AI frighteningly soon.

FPS_D3TH4d ago

Already seeing it with album cover art. More are just getting ai generated images than hiring artists

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Profchaos4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They shouldn't ai sucks at pretty much everything right now. how went for gta the trilogy.

I think so many people and industries worry about this I see people who work in areas like cyber security, legal, medical and more worry however they always forget the human element and that is something that can't be simply emulated.

Ai is often only usable as a tool to enhance your work not replace it. And so many ai systems are far from ai systems are more so a large database of it statements flowing simple algorithms often leveraged by a generic chatbot it's rare to see a true ai

GamesAsAService4d ago

The key word in your comment is "right now".

We have mountain of examples where technologies that are unimpressive initially, eventually dominate their respective industries over time.

The question is just how long this process will take.

Lionsguard4d ago

This is like telling every horse breeder, blacksmith, carriage maker out there that they shouldn't be scared of Car technology back in the early 1900s because they're unreliable, expensive death machines and our roads aren't even suited for them.

z2g4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

i think pretty much everybody working anywhere is worried about AI taking over at this point.

digital humans, deep fakes, speech synthesis, graphic design, animation, art, drivers, pilots, developers, writers... you name it. the only people that will be safe will be hospitality type jobs, but everyone will be so broke no one will be able to afford to use them... and then they'll go under too... ooof. bleak.

GamesAsAService4d ago

This has always been the risk of advancing technology.

Although... I can also think of some positives.

Technology amplifies human creativity and output. It allows people to do more with less.

Imagine what indy teams might be able to achieve. If they could now have access to AI assisted tools enabling them to create games that used to take an army to build, but can now be done with a small team and modest budget.

Technology cuts both ways. I will always have empathy for those effected by the march of technology, but I also see the positives as well.

More ambitious games, that can be done with less, and more frequently.

Enabling game creators to bring their visions to reality without needing massive budgets and staff is a positive.

Having a perspective that acknowledges both the pros and the cons of a rapidly evolving industry is essential.

But I am more of an optimist anyways.

Nonetheless I am still excited what the industry comes up with in the next few years.

vTuro244d ago

There will come a point where every job you can think of can and will be replaced by AI. Jobs that require physical labour will take longer because you'd need to build robots and/or androids, but it's going to happen. At that point you kind of have to wonder what purpose will we have anymore? Laws would have to be put in place. Until then AI will swoop up one job after another. Even in the art world AI will probably take over most jobs in a few years. It's kind of sad tbh.

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