How Leaks Affect Game Developers and Video Game Companies

A look at all the damage the game developers and video game companies suffer from leaks in light of recent events.

franwex3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I disagree that video games are more affected by leaks than any other medium. They are probably the least affected as video games are an interactive experience.

A leaked film may prevent sales since a plot point can make or break a whole film. A leaked record may affect sales and royalties, a leaked book too. A game in development is constantly changing so what we saw in no way will it reflect how it would actually look.

It was a huge leak-but let’s not exaggerate here. It will not affect GTA 6 sales. Even a different franchise that isn’t as big either as gameplay is what makes video games. Not pre alpha images and videos.

HeliosHex3d ago

@franwex. Dam drop the Mike brother you just spoke facts.

shinoff21833d ago

This whole thing has been nothing but overkill. Does it suck for rockstar maybe a little but it isnt hurting this game. Yall need to chill tfo. This game will sell millions upon millions. Rockstar lost a little surprise element. End of story

TheColbertinator3d ago

That's a very good point.

it may be early in development but the next GTA already has my full attention. These developers put too little faith in themselves sometimes and believe they may lose sales from early builds but I disagree. True fans of GTA will always recognize the hard work at Rockstar Games and will be ready day one for the next crime time fiery mess.

anast3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It doesn't matter with GTA.