PlayStation Direct Fall Savings Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "Today, PlayStation Direct has just kicked off its Fall Savings sale, featuring several of its first-party titles for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers, including many PS5 exclusives!"

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Knushwood Butt5d ago

Waiting for another Extended Play sale so I can get the Dead Cells DLC.

Anyone know if the Little Nightmares DLC shows up in those sales?

monkey6025d ago

The first little nightmares dlc? I've been watching it a while myself. Seems the DLC rarely goes on sale anymore. Its cheaper to but the complete edition when that goes on sale

Knushwood Butt4d ago

Yeah, the first one.

I see. I played through the main game via PS+ Extra and am now trying to get the DLC.

Anghellic4d ago

always over priced you can find better deal other places