FBI Investigating Alleged Rockstar Hacker

Ryan Dinsdale, IGN writes : "The alleged hacker that leaked around 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 and also targeted Uber is being investigated by the FBI."

Rainbowcookie261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

5 star roadblock and chopper activated...😆

Mobis-New-Nest260d ago

Not unless you call in 1-999-529-93787. Sometimes you just have to cheat in life.

LoveSpuds260d ago

Comment of the week right there...hahahaha!!


Somebody’s parents about to be in a world of financial hurt. Stupid kid using his intelligence for something dumb.

Tapani260d ago

Intelligence is a strong word in this context, I would just say skills!


He’s a smart kid if he was able to do what he did. It definitely requires skill and intelligence.

Flewid638260d ago

Some skills require intelligence. This is one of them.

Number1TailzFan260d ago

That's what happens when parents let their kid go online with no restrictions.

Flewid638260d ago

15 years in tech and 5 in startups. These are the kids we hire.

261d ago
Tetsujin260d ago

Intriguing how this group targeted Samsung, MS, and a few others to show just how out of touch their security can be. I know I'll catch heat for this - if a hacker can successfully infiltrate a large corp. that means one of 2 things:

Money comes first, even over security

No system is 100% foolproof though, but at least have a plan B. If R want's to prevent this in the future, be more transparent and don't treat your employees like garbage.

If this ends up being someone in house, then R is 100% responsible of their own leak(s).

DaniMacYo260d ago

Good old Davie he’ll get to the bottom of this and give the perpetrator a new identity and location to lie low.

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