Top 5 Worst Christmas-Themed Video Games

1UP Writes:
Though the goal of most major developers remains the soulless, seasonal blockbuster, we can at least be happy about one thing: The Christmas-themed videogame is a rare beast. To date, there's only been one example of a good game: Christmas Nights -- but that was a free, reskinned demo of an already great game. And they're few in number for a good reason; they may seem like a novel idea as a holiday gift, but they only serve to remind the unlucky gamer that every day he or she is playing it -- barring the first, of course -- is clearly not the wonderful, loot-friendly holiday known as Christmas. Oh, right -- and they usually suck eggnog.

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Cajun Chicken3583d ago

Elf Bowling was freaking great, went downhill from EB3 though.

hitthegspot3583d ago

love that DS game.
It's not that bad.

However, my wife hates it. "they just said sux"

LeonSKennedy4Life3583d ago

Anyone ever play The Grinch on PS1? I freakin' love that game! I still have it.

Picnic3583d ago

James Pond II- Robocod was set at Santa's toy factory and got 90%+ reiews. Christmas Lemmings was also highly rated. So Christmas Nights is not the only good Christmas themed game.


Fanboy Slaughter3583d ago

As a kid, I remember playing that on my old Power Mac 6100. 66Mhz of fierce 2D gaming power mixed with a then-unheard-of 16MB RAM!!!


But yeah, every game on that list blows dogs for quarters. And they went ahead and released Elf Bowling: The movie?....I think they had to make some kind of UN pact or something that declared it only fit for torturing terrorists and summoning hellspawn.

AnttiApina3583d ago

I played Elf Bowling 2! It was awesome!