OXCGN: Hero of Sparta Review, The iPhone's God of War

Gameloft's latest iPhone title: Hero of Sparta has been inspired from Sony's God of War series, this game delivers everything that you love about God of War in the palm of your hand on your iPhone. This amazing game is the first to truly prove that the iPhone is a serious competitor in the portable gaming market.

You play as King Argos who has been shipwrecked on a beach, but before he leaves, he must complete a task for a God on the Island and receive his reward. Argos must battle through many levels, slaughtering countless beasts straight from Greek mythology on his epic journey.

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N4PS3G3801d ago

Hell yeah!! getting this on Christmas when i get my Iphone

LeonSKennedy4Life3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

That's great and all, but could they be any more blatant with their rip-offs? This is just sad.

I'll stick with GOW:CoO, thank you very much.

If this came out on the PSP, critics would tear it apart! No innovation, 5-7 hours is short, the graphics aren't incredible, the combo-system is nearly non-existant, and it's more of a 2D fighter than a 3D fighter.

PSP Hero of Sparta Score: 3/10

Erotic Sheep3801d ago

Either you can't afford an iPhone or you're just having your period now.
Seriously what the hell is wrong with you? CoO recieved good scores from the critics so I don't see where you were trying to go with that.
And reviewers are judging this game BASED on the HARDWARE! Does it handle the touch-screen well, will it keep a steady FPS, is the game long in comparison to other iPhone games? The PSP has already proven itself to be a handheld console, the iPhone hasn't yet but with the Appstore things can change. I'm a PS3 / PSP supporter but what you're saying is just poop from a mule.

This and games like Tap Tap Dance deserve the praise they should recieve... oh and also include Shazam >.>

XboxOZ3603801d ago

Can you do anything other than complain . . ?

LeonSKennedy4Life3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I praise the good games and developers all the time.

I only complain when somebody undeservedly gets something. This game doesn't deserve a 9/10 and everybody knows it...just like Halo 3 didn't deserve GOTY last year when Bioshock was blatantly much better!

Why do you say all I do is complain? Do I seem to complain a lot? Isn't pretty much all everyone does on this site is complain? I'm not busy bashing games not on my system like the rest of you. I'm appreciating good games and slamming the bad ones'. Get over it, dude. This game is a watered-down God of War, like Van Helsing.

mll093801d ago

He has a point though.

LeonSKennedy4Life3801d ago

Thank you.


I just don't get how this stuff happens. Imagine if LocoRoco was an iPhone game. It would get 10/10's all over the place...and it would deserve it.

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