NVIDIA Engineer Says DLSS 3 on Older RTX GPUs Could Theoretically Happen, Teases RTX I/O News

NVIDIA's VP of Applied Deep Learning Research said DLSS 3 could theoretically work on older RTX GPUs, although with fewer benefits.

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ABizzel1249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

They don't want it to happen, because that gives gamers less of a reason to upgrade to the RTX 4000 if they can get even half the benefit of DLSS 3.0, on an RTX 3000 GPU. Best case scenarios seems to show DLSS 3.0 basically multiplying fps up to 5x, so a 2.5x increase on something like a RTX 3090 / 3090 ti would still be a [email protected]~60fps~ GPU in games like Cyberpunk, while the 4090 is potentially launching [email protected]~95fps~ in the same game.

This turns 4090 into a 50% - 55% more performant, but also a 50% - 55% higher cost in comparison to the RTX 3090ti currently. Which NVIDIA doesn't want.

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badz149249d ago

"could still happen"?? WHAT?!

people were flipping out when consoles don't have BC from a gen ago which was released after 6 to 7 years or in the case of PS5 (2020), I still hear people mocking it for not BC with the PS3 (2006) and PS2 (1999) and PS1 (1994)!

the 3000 series was just released 2 years ago and already they might not want to fully support a feature introduced with the 4000 series?! if THAT is not anti-consumer, I don't know what is!

Sirk7x249d ago

And within that two year period, many people have still had problems finding them, due to chip shortages, scalpers and crypto farmers. It hasn't been too long since the prices on them came down. I know like one person with a 3080 and one with a 3090. Hell, some people still can't find PS5s lol. This generation is two years in and feels like it hasn't even started yet.

FinalFantasyFanatic249d ago

It'll probably be a prolonged generation, especially for consoles, I strongly doubt we'll have a normally console cycle for this console gen, otherwise it'll feel like it was over before it even began.

FinalFantasyFanatic249d ago

But they won't add it in as they want to sell more of the 40 series and any future card, although they want to sell those 30 series cards as well. Maybe if we're lucky someone will hack DLSS 3 to work on older GPUs, I don't actually expect Nvidia to do it considering how scummy and anti-consumer they've repeated shown themselves to be, especially of late.

JeffGUNZ249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

This will absolutely come to 3000 series. It won't during the launch of 4000 series, as they are trying to sell more 4000 series GPUs. Criminal what they have been doing since the launch of the 3000 series. I got a 3080 12GB and I got it new at an incredible deal, so I am fine for years to come. But come on, this company is turning to sh*t fast. The fact that they wont, not that they can't, support DLSS 3.0 on 3000 series is a huge middle finger for all the people who spent more then double MSRP for their product.

Also, the nonsense they are pulling with "two 4080's" is the most asinine thing I have ever seen in pc gaming. These dudes literally renamed what was going to be the 4070 to a 4080 12gb stripped down version on the 4080 16gb, just so they can charge more money for the card because it says "4080". Ironic, considering this happened right after their sales meeting on how they fell well short on projections and are flooded with back stock of 3080's. There is also rumors that the 4090 was supposed to be the same price as the msrp of the 3090ti and Jensen, on stage, added another $100 to the price tag. No wonder EVGA left these bozos.

FinalFantasyFanatic248d ago

Let's hope AMD's new GPUs give them a good run for their money, Nvidia only act like this because they have dominance in the GPU space and brand name. If the AMD equivalent is similar performance and priced better, I will gladly fork out for them as I still have my 1080ti, hopefully the power efficiency is better than the 30/40 series as I don't want to swap my PSU out for a nuclear reactor either.

Intel was the same, expect when AMD stopped being competitive the CPU space just stagnated for a long time until AMD developed their Ryzen CPUs. Now we actually have decent competition in the CPU space, we're getting regular, worthwhile improvements in CPU technology from both sides.