Black Xbox 360 Rumors Are (Mostly) False

From -- "The recent photos that were alleged to be evidence of an impending black version are in fact just photos of an old reviewer's kit, produced on September 14, 2005 according to the sticker on the back! How stupid can these sites be?

If any of these sites bothered to take a closer look at the photos they would have realised this. Instead, they proceeded to publish stories claiming the photos were "proof" of the rumored black version. And then they wondered why the photos were missing an HDMI port and larger hard drive.

We are not denying that a black 360 could be on the way. But using photos of reviewer kits, which have always been black, and trying to pass them off as evidence is just wrong."

Photo after the jump with the proof

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gogators4859d ago

see a newer version of the 360. I can't think of too many systems that didn't at some point. Black would be nice option, but these pictures that are being shown are just developer or reviewer boxes. Though I didn't know that reviewer boxes where also black.

Norad64859d ago

I can, the media has been owned!!!

highps34859d ago

360 will be stuck with that color washing 39.99 vga wonder cable!!! lol...

eques judicii4859d ago

i know that the vga cable color washes (mainly because tvs don't do any kind of performance inhancing to vga inputs as compared to components) but what does this article have to do with that?? hdmi will come out some day for the 360... does it matter right now? not really, because 720p looks great through component and my tv doesn't do 1080p.

willymcd4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

i thought the common consensus on that pic was that it was a developers kit and not one of the new black 360s. It came up a few days ago stating, new black 360 spotted, but in fact it was just someone getting excited and getting things mixed up. so why base all the opinions on a pic that was accidentally identified as the new black 360. now that is retarded!

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