PS4 System Software Update 10.01 Is Out Today

Sony has released a new PS4 firmware update today that patches the system software to 10.01. This doesn't appear to be a mandatory update.

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Pedrof187d ago

I feel like my performance is improving.

Tetsujin187d ago

I wonder if this is related to the PS2 game exploit?

Iceball2000187d ago

Ooh sh!t explain? What did I miss?

Tetsujin187d ago

Short version - Someone made a YouTube video on a PS2 game to help with access into the core system itself. The hack required a specific PS2 game (I forgot what game), a save at a specific point, and a TON of time to figure out how to do this. There's other tools needed but its a start.

anast187d ago

This is good for all those cross gen games.

z2g187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

no stability updates?? ;)

not related but... just looking at the picture of the ps4 makes me relalize how much cooler and sleeker, minimal and oddly still more modern that design is over the ps5 design. what a beautiful design the ps4 has.