Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Will Feature NPC Enemies That Can Summon Real Players

Team Ninja has revealed that as part of a PvP mechanic, players can expect even the enemies to be able to summon invaders played by real players.

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blackblades140d ago

Played by live players or summon ghost of dead players like nioh cause what I seen was the ghost

Nitrowolf2140d ago

PvP isn't enabled in the demo so they haven't shown it off yet, but invasions and such were confirmed. This is another "layer" where certain NPCs can also summon other NPC or real players

blackblades140d ago

Oh, well I'm turning that off in the full game. Dont need to get hunted down by another player.

XiNatsuDragnel140d ago

So invasions confirmed cool I love PvP aspect.

lellkay139d ago

I'll be turning that off then haha