Bloodborne has been recreated in Minecraft, and it's mind-blowing

The years continue to pass, and Minecraft players continue to surprise us with their epic constructions. The dark fantasy-loving Japanese designer has brought us a recreation of Yharnam, Bloodborne's renowned city, along with other locations.

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mandf67d ago

It's not mind blowing its two buildings.

Angyobangyo67d ago

There’s always that one person.

MadLad67d ago

He couldn't help but not be that guy.

lucian22966d ago

i hate minecraft and even I know this is insanely impressive

JBplusVB66d ago

Why do you have to be so negative. This clearly took an insane amount of work. I'm very impressed.

mandf64d ago

Impressed yes not mind blowing its about context. It's art that has been done over and over again in mincraft.

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_Decadent_Descent67d ago

Very cool. Now Sony, when tf is Bloodborne coming to PC?!

lonewolf1067d ago

Along with Demons souls remake.

MadLad67d ago

They've already proven you can actually run the game at 60fps without breaking it.

Just clean up the visuals a bit, let it run at 60fps or more, and I'll double dip on PC.

Dirty_Lemons66d ago

I'd love it to be 60fps but I seem to recall the blokes at DF who got it running on a high end PC had to do quite a bit of tinkering due to the way the game was designed. I might be mis-remembering though.

MadLad66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


Somebody was able to hack a PS4 and actually get it performing at 60fps.

66d ago
-Foxtrot66d ago

When it comes to PS5 and the sequel is announced

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