Star Citizen release date still not here as crowd-funding passes $500m

The Star Citizen release date is one of gaming’s greatest mysteries, like the vanishing of Half-Life 3, the death of Silent Hill, or when we’re going to get a new Starfield gameplay trailer. But as the space simulation and trading game remains in an alpha state, courtesy of its latest update, 3.

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PrinceOfAnger70d ago

Release the single player already!

Neonridr70d ago

I feel like these articles will continue for years to come.

PrinceOfAnger70d ago

The star citizen ones will continue till ps9 gen am telling you, All we know is squadron 42 will release first the SP maybe more 2-3 years.

Abracadabra70d ago

Scam Citizen.

Unbelievable the number of people that have fallen for this scam. * Facepalm *

Anomander69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Just wait until the Defenders get here... But wait we are on are Alpha build .085 its coming... I guarantee it!

notachance69d ago

I’m just waiting for the inevitable netflix documentary

EvertonFC70d ago

"For players, the ship is only available as a reward upon reaching the Legatus Navium Concierge rank, which requires a spending of $25,000. So even though this ship cannot be bought like a conventional vessel, the spending requirement is so steep that it will still the most expensive ship in the game at launch"

Says it all really

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The story is too old to be commented.