Castle Crashers Patch Coming Wednesday Morning

The Behemoth have announced via their official forums that Microsoft has approved a patch for Castle Crashers, which will be releasing at 2 AM Pacific time on Wednesday.

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ChampIDC3679d ago

Yeah, it sure took a while, but at least they got it out finally.

Radiodread3679d ago

I used to love Behemoth games, but not anymore. Took over 4 months for the online patch, which IS WAY TO LONG. I'd play it now, but I don't even have a 360 anymore. BEHEMOTH=FAIL.

terrandragon3679d ago

How is it Behemoth's fault if Microsoft has to approve of the patch? You're not a real fan.

ahnonamis3679d ago

Let's be honest: Microsoft's certification wasn't the only thing holding this up. Several games have put out patches within a week or issues coming up. Did the MS certification take some time? Definitely. Did it take most of the full four months we've been waiting for a patch? Probably not.

I'm glad there's a patch and I'll finally be able to play the game I bought four months ago, but I will not be buying any of Behemoth's games on day one again. Probably wait a week or so to make sure they have no issues.

DNAgent3679d ago

It took them about 4 months to patch a mediocre flash game? ROFL.