iXtreme v1.5 released - the 'uhackable' Xbox 360 LiteOn drive now hacked

It has finally been released, the iXtreme firmware hacks the previously un hackable LiteOn Xbox 360 DVD drive. But that's not all, its compatible with Samsung and BenQ drives and a version which supports Hitachi will come in January.

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TheMART3804d ago

A bit old news already, got released 24 hours ago.

Its a great achievement by the hacking community, C4E, Robinsod, Seventhson, GaryOPA, etc etc

Just think about it, a big company working with many people against these hacks and the hacking community competing.

And PS3 fans, nothing is unhackable, even the PS3 will be hacked. Question is: how many effort do hackers want to put into it. As the PS3 runs Linux out of the box, the interest is lower (mostly the first thing they want to do: run another OS). Also when the number of users increases, it gets more interesting for the hackers to get it done.

2009 might be the year the PS3 gets hacked

z1ck3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

hahaha man i will pay you a beer if ps3 get someday hacked... not

TheMART3804d ago

You can order that beer in advance.

Name me one of the mainstream consoles that has not been hacked the latest 10 years...





Every console has/can be hacked. Don't be dumb

BillGatesMom3803d ago

360 has been hacked since a month after its release..

Thanks for defending the 360 so much though, glad all the publishers are on that console because NOW they fell into the trap....

HA HA... Watch as the 360 modding community explodes like the PSP...

We all have been waiting for it and its finally here. Tired of all those comments by the developers, well pay backs a btch... Or lack there of...

Ill be waiting for YOU to show us how the Ps3 can be hacked... lol this should be good... We only except proof of concept a typical Hello World program will do just fine.

EPIC FAIL by Microsoft... Everyone thought the Ps3 would be like the PSP but who cares 360 has all the games right? Man is that going to come back and bite them so hard....

All the meanwhile the Ps3 sales will only get better, I have a feeling 360 sales are going to go down down down and if not who cares!!! Its a win - win for anyone who hates the 360...

karlostomy3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

It is a good thing to see the modding community at work. I have an xbox1 and had the ROM flashed with a new frontend OS that had much, much greater functionality. To me the modified xbox1 was tremendously better than the original. Not to mention that I had the (illegal) ability to save rented games on the bigger modded harddrive.

Further to this, I think a large part of the ps2's success was the ability to chip the console and play copied games. All of a sudden when ps2 modchips appeared, more skus were sold. There's a correlation there, but I acknowledge it may not necessarily be causation.

However, if you disagree with this theory then think about why the top selling games didn't sell more.

By rights, the ps2 has 140 million consoles out there. It should have sold more of those top games.... Doesn't that mean more games were pirated?

SO, ultimately, I think the availability of firmware hacks will increase sales of 360 skus. In the long run, the games attach rate will probably go down.

Perhaps i can suggest, provocatively, that the ps3 NEEDS a hack to make it more attractive to modders and thereby will sell more skus?

I can only venture that a ps3 with bluray, with hacked firmware and the ability to play copied games and copied bluray movies would be an essential purchase for millions of people.
Including me, possibly.

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RumbleFish3804d ago

This is the reason why PS 3 has better software sales.

InMyOpinion3804d ago

Say what? Do you care to back that up with some kind of source?

uie4rhig3804d ago

is that the ps3 has better revenue for publishers..

Sez 3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

where do you get your info from. i think you need to do alittle more research before posting a stupid comment.

@superaktieboy- you mean ps3 made more for take two because they sold games on the ps3 for higher prices.

thereapersson3804d ago

What on earth are you talking about?

uie4rhig3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

yaah probs... tho .. T2 weren't the only one that had the top revenue from the PS3 ..

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Raz3803d ago

Might as well hang a colorful banner on the thing saying "Hacker Challenge - enter now, and tell your friends!"


renanbianchi3804d ago

Finally! Thank you Santa!

Dragunov3804d ago

That spinning was wonderfully retarded mart, but keep trying ;)

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