Jolt Review: Tomb Raider Underworld

Jolt: "Tomb Raider Legend was a confident work from an fresh developer that put to rest once and for all the problems that had plagued an otherwise promising series. The follow-up, Anniversary, actually removed some of the new tech in order to achieve that classic feel, yet still raised Lara Croft's exploits to greater heights with her most memorable adventure re-imagined in high-definition.

But, as any veteran of the series will know, the higher you climb, the messier the impact if you fall. While Tomb Raider Underworld doesn't quite hit the bottom and bounce in a limp heap, the new game has neither the vision of the last one nor the assurance of the one before that. What starts out as an impressive journey soon stutters and fizzles until all that is left is a plod to the end and a sense of wasted opportunity."

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