GameZebo: Fix-it-Up: Kate's Adventure Review

GameZebo: "If you're bored of managing restaurants, beauty salons or fitness clubs, perhaps you'll be 'driven' to perform in a handful of auto repair shops. Such is the premise behind World Loom's Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure, a challenging and gratifying business simulation for virtual grease monkeys.

As told by the nicely-drawn and well-written comic book sequences, the story introduces us to Kate who returns home from college only to find her dad's garage is in financial disarray. Kate decides to help her father out with his Nevada-based shop by cleaning cars, which makes them more appealing to sell, buying broken down lemons and fixing them up for profit and helping to make the rent in order to progress to the next day. Kate will have a limited amount of time to achieve her goals, and new ones will be continually added to keep this young woman on her toes."

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