The Diofield Chronicle has excellent combat and a compelling story - Mirror

Square Enix and Lancarse's new series The Diofield Chronicle is ready to transform the landscape of SRPG.

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jznrpg251d ago

That’s all I need ! Preordered already anyway as I collect RPGs besides Kemco games .

CrimsonWing69251d ago

Finally a review. I think that makes the total like 5...

This game is phenomenal and I have no idea why there are barely any reviews on it.

GameBoyColor251d ago

too small of a project from square i guess. they are releasing like 10+ games like this every month till next summer it seems like and they aren't marketing enough for any of them.

CrimsonWing69251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I dunno man, that sounds like poppy cock to me. If the new Monkey Island can get a bunch of reviews I feel like this should.

That's just the way I feel though. I want this game to do well so we can get more Strat RPGs from Square. Front Mission, Tactics Ogre, this and that possible rumored FF Tactics remake are what I'm hoping for more of... but I can't help but feel this is them testing the waters and if it doesn't well... well, y'know the ol' song n' dance.

H9251d ago

I am waiting to ready more, since in the demo the gameplay was nice, but by god did the story look so rushed, it's like someone was skipping through random parts of a movie