God of War II Rumor Busted: Not In 720p on PS3

Rumors of God of War II running in 720p on the PS3 were debunked after contacted a Sony Representative for confirmation. Ryan B. from Sony Computer Entertainment America stated the Playstation 2 title is "only available at 480p."

The rumor originated from IGN's review of God of War II.

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Blu-Print4890d ago

The game's still gonna rock though. We'll have to look for the third one for HD.

PoopsWhileStandingUp4890d ago

I was wondering how they were going to pull it off. Can PS2 games really do 720p.

kornbeaner4889d ago

Yes the PS2 can do 720p Gran turismo 4 is the only game that i know that has done though. But you also need an S-video or Monster video cables to achieve that effect. This game is still gonna ROCK!!!!!!!

no_more_heroes4889d ago

its still going to be a good game. Hope its longer than the first though, cuz I nearly reached the final boss of the first one within two nights of renting it.

XboxDavey4889d ago

there is no reason the ps3 cant upscale the same way my xbox did with games.. 360 for.... a while

TheMART4889d ago

The original XBOX had some games native in 720p not upscaled.
As far as I know there were not other games upscaled by the original XBOX.

PS2 puts out in 480p, but with a trick it had 1080i they said. (had to buy some extra hardware/cable?)

The 360 can put upscaled or native 720p and 1080p. Depends on what the source material is.

You're right about the PS3, it doesn't have all the upscale possibilities. Had something to do with vertical/horizontal scaling. One of the two the PS3 does through software, but not like Ana in 360 hardware full upscaling.

bumnut4889d ago

480 upscaled to 720 looks terrible, its like cranking up the resolution on a pc game but leaving the graphics detail set to low.

all you see is how little detail there actually is.

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