Team Ninja Explains Why They Chose to Launch Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Day One on Game Pass

Wo Long Producer Fumihiko Yasuda explained why they said yes to Microsoft hosting the game on Xbox Game Pass when it launches.

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jonny897141d ago

Yeah, not because of the money.

Lightning77141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Money and exposure. Obviously it's gonna be for the money.

Abracadabra141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Yes, it's about the money... just like every Sony's 3rd party exclusive deals. There is always money involved.

Anyone that makes a Xbox Game Pass deal or Sony 3rd party exclusive deal, is always about the money. Nobody makes these deals to lose money.

excaliburps141d ago

I presume since it's a new franchise, the Xbox Game Pass route is much safer when it comes to investing? Like, get X money upfront, and you're money poured into developing the game is significantly reduced?

I don't blame them to be honest. Money is money; it's not like they're not releasing on other platforms or something.

ABizzel1141d ago

This seems more like an experiment for them really.

They have to know these type of games don't sell well on Xbox. So this is a way for them to get people into the games and hopefully to buy upcoming games and maybe try their previous ones. They also expect the majority of their sales from this game is going to come from PS Japan, which Xbox is pretty much dead in at this point (it did better than XBO this gen, but sales are back down below 2,000 per month).

On the flip side this does nothing but annoy western PS gamers, but it's business. That being said Team Ninja needs to be aware that western sales can crumble with this type of deal, so whatever they expected for western PS sales they need to make sure this deal covers it. But outside of the n4g world most people could care less if these type of games are on GamePass because they still often sell much better on PS anyway.

KillBill141d ago

@ABizzel1 ~ "They have to know these type of games don't sell well on Xbox." You have no clue what you are talking about. The Souls games do very well on Xbox as well action adventure games. And throw in the multiplayer component and it screams Xbox. Don't let your blind loyalty to other systems make you talk ignorantly about another.

And "On the flip side this does nothing but annoy western PS gamers, but it's business" how/why would this annoy PS gamers? It has nothing to do with PS. It isn't exclusive like what Sony is doing with the other Team Ninja game title. The only way they would be annoyed is seeing it be offered for no added cost to those subscribed to a service they aren't subscribed to. Because PS players can purchase the game and play it on PS systems.

And how can you claim Team Ninja expects the majority of their sales on Xbox to be PS Japan when it has only 2.6 million. Do you really imagine the game will sell more in Japan than western markets? PS isn't doing as well in Japan as in the past... "But the latest Famitsu sales report will surely be sobering for the top brass at PlayStation, as its consoles slumped to just 1.5 per cent of the overall market share for the week ending 11th September, 2022."

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blackblades141d ago

Exposure? Really hard game. I mean there is a demo out for limited time. Previous game were on the same level. We all should know how souls game feels like by now. They got payed good money by ms. Good thing they are zillionaire

XiNatsuDragnel141d ago

Money and exposure nuff said

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KillBill141d ago

It is much more than just exposure. It is about actually allowing the most people to play it and to make sure there is a multiplayer experience worth playing. "really increase the number of people you have available to join your party and take on bosses." And they are also getting paid for inclusion of the title into Game Pass. Essentially paying for part or all of the development process. (depending on the deal and cost of development put into the game) Game Pass builds player base opportunity for games. But you still need to be a good game to win gamers over. Lets hope the game in full is worth the play time.

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Outside_ofthe_Box141d ago

Why not release day one on plus as well?

sparky77141d ago

Sony probably didn't want to pay up, I am sure they asked.

blackblades141d ago

Its a waste of money, look at it. MS paying alot to buy these big companies, paying alot to put 3rd party on game pass, then these games these days for high quality is high price as as well.

Lightning77141d ago

@Blades it's not a waste of money to. The user. If the game is good it won't be a waste for MS either.

If they put Saints Row on GP then that's a waste for MS and gamers. Cyber Punk at launch has been a waste for them and the player. Any bad game would be a waste.

ABizzel1140d ago

That and because the game is actually going to sell on PS, espeically in JP, so it's having their cake and eating it to, but it's a double-edged sword for PS in the West.

blitz0623140d ago

A game like this will sell 10x more on Playstation consoles. Financially it makes the most sense to take MS money for their Xbox revenue and PS sales for PS revenue

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Lexreborn2141d ago

I would assume their thought process is sales expectations would be relatively low on Xbox for a new franchise. And Microsoft want to get those Japanese games in its catalogue. So, if they go off of ni-oh 1 and 2 sales and expect even a third would get it on Xbox then MS will pay to get that initial interest up.

I’m sure any fan of Ni-oh on PS will more than likely already buy this. That’s pretty much 2 million that’s happening

Crows90141d ago

My thoughts exactly. I'm a fan of Nioh...I'm buying the game.

Ra3v3r141d ago

Very likely to be lower sales on Xbox as it is the platform with the smaller user base, however I still think it would have done decent numbers off the back of the Nioh games.

Really enjoyed the Wo Long demo, definitely putting the money down for it even though it's coming to Game Pass.

Lightning77141d ago

Low sales would be due these sorta games not being available on The console. 7th gen with Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden amongst many others did really well sales wise. As 7th gen went on these sorta games started dwindling. 8th for Xbox was none existent. Because they're none existent Xbox the fanbase as whole are not expecting games like this on the console. When these sorta games just stop appearing then suddenly appearing again, MS has to build that interest back up for their fans.

At TGS MS announced a slew of older and new JRPG's hitting game pass. Not because those games need the exposure, but Xbox gamers need to be re-exposed to these types of games again.

Crows90141d ago

I'm not sure that's in the interest of the developer. These games sell well on PlayStation unlike on Xbox. I can see this game selling a couple million on Playstation easy. And a couple of million sold at full price is quite a bit of money.

jznrpg141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Because MS probably paid for exclusive right for Gamepass . They don’t want plus to compete and paid enough to keep it off for a time I’m sure .

HardKnockKid24141d ago

Crazy how you just outlined Sonys main approach trying to Stan for them lol

Ryuk_2007141d ago

But Deathloop is on ps plus and gamepass..

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Profchaos141d ago

Probably money. A day 1 release is very rare for plus often the publisher will presumably wa t more money upfront to compensate for the loss in sales from players who would of outright purchased the game on day 1

anast140d ago

The game wasn't worth the asking price.

Snakeeater25140d ago

Became you already have on extra GOT so I guess they prefer wait to put forspoken on extra instead

SurgicalMenace140d ago

Well you have this thing in Sony's community where their supporters are willing to pay for their games. 3rd parties make the most money on PS platforms and the least on XB platforms. This is decades old information.

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Zeref141d ago

Definitely gonna play this game day one on GP 🔥🔥

Crows90141d ago

This is horrifying for the game. I hope they got a nice big check for this cuz I'm still going to pick it up on PlayStation 5. These are the creators of nioh for crying out loud. They don't need more exposure they're already popular. I will not resub to Game pass for this this is totally a game I want to support. The demo was awesome I'm sure the rest of the game will be as well.

On the bright side I do assume that these types of games sell very little on Xbox to begin with. So getting a nice big check for the Xbox platform probably isn't a bad move.

ChubbyBlade141d ago

Sorry but they’re still a niche company. 3 million lifetime sales for nioh and 2.5 for nioh 2. That’s still not mainstream. GP will open the title up to millions more people.

SurgicalMenace140d ago

Millions of players not paying full price so....3 million sales at full retail will trump GP.

Tacoboto141d ago

I'll likely pick this up on PS since this is the platform I choose to play this type of game, but knowing Xbox and their ecosystem, Xbox games releasing at full price outside of the service have to compete with all the games in the service that are available at a fraction of the price. Nioh isn't known to Xbox gamers and Team Ninja isn't as recognizable as FROM. It's great that this game will instantly have a built-in audience just by being on the service - my hope is that if the game is as awesome as the demo + polish, it'll have a sustained playerbase and longer lasting interest.

I feel like Nioh 2 just kind of released and that was it. Then they did the PS5 collection and that was it again, with little fanfare, as solid as it was.

HardKnockKid24141d ago

“Nioh isn’t known to Xbox gamers” …….

What??? Lol what??? Do you think all Xbox gamers are some monolith with just a single console? There is a ton of overlap between Nintendo, MS & Sony outside of internet console warriors.

Tacoboto141d ago

Nioh 2 apparently sold less than the first if ChubbyBlade up there is right, that's not a sign of a franchise that people who game primarily on Xbox (which is why I said "Xbox gamers"...) are going to have at the front of their mind.

HardKnockKid24141d ago

@tacoboto that’s all guesses. That 2.5 number is from 7 months ago. And how a PS exclusive indicative of what an Xbox gamer would do? Elden Ring sold millions on Xbox, heck that’s the console I bought it for and my PS5 works just fine.

Crows90141d ago

Open worlds say hi.
How many beat it?

lonewolf10140d ago


Ultimately, these figures are skewed by the fact that many players buy a game without starting it, move at a significantly slow pace (especially with a huge game like Elden Ring), or start playing a game without any intention of ever finishing it. A 50% completion rate for a boss is a very good indicator that a high percentage of players invested in actively playing the game are doing so consistently. For instance, while the first few story achievements in 2018's God of War on PSNProfiles show a completion rate of 64 to 88 percent, all other story achievements are in the range of 50%. Less than 50% of players have even beaten the final boss. By contrast, at least one Elden Ring ending has been achieved by about 25% of PlayStation players according to PSNProfiles, and at least one ending has been achieved by 44% of players according to Steamhunters.

Lightning77141d ago

How many people beat it doesn't matter it's how many ppl bought it. Which was allot on Xbox.

StarkR3ality141d ago

Stop crying, if this came out on PSplus you'd be doing cartwheels in the comments. Dev knows better than you where they want their game.

thesoftware730140d ago

Exactly this^^

I never ever understand why console brand loyalists feel the need to act as if they know what kind of contract these multi-mill/billion-dollar companies are making. Feel free to be mad about it being day one all you want, but please skip all the "It's a bad thing for the game mumbo jumbo". You are a consumer and have no idea what deals these mega corps/devs are making.

thesoftware730140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Oh wow, this must be terrible for the game because Crows90 on N4G said it. Team Ninja and Koei must not know what they are doing!

They should stop and cancel this contract that both companies looked over, negotiated, and thought was a good deal. Quick, Crows90 sends them an email and let them know how one customer that thrives on brand loyalty feels about their million-dollar business decisions.

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